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The proposed Qualia Relief Route in far south Del Rio will begin at the end of an unnamed spur just north of the Del Rio port of entry and eme…


A former Del Rio firefighter has been indicted under stalking charges, after allegedly threatening a woman through text messages on several occasions, according to the district attorney’s office.

Brooke Hester passed away of cancer in 2015. Her generosity touched thousands of lives and continues to live on through a foundation, helping …

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The loss of a child, a terrible tragedy for any parent, hit a Texas couple especially hard after a long battle with cancer, but instead of falling into the pits of depression and desperation, they turned their daughter’s energy into a legacy of love that has reached thousands upon thousands of children in several countries and still continues to grow.


Here we go again, with the same old claim. A local columnist with all the piousness she can muster seems to be saying, “I know God better than you,” and with all pomposity she says we can overcome.

In the weeks preceding the Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count, I try to visit the areas where Mike and I will be counting, just so I can get a sense of the birds there and also to see if there are any specialty birds “just visiting.”

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