State law says that a convicted felon may not have a firearm anytime or anyplace during the 5 years after they’ve been convicted of the felony. Once the 5 year period mentioned above has expired, a felon can possess a firearm ONLY where that person lives. Why didn't DRPD file charges on t…

Funerals do not benefit the dead, but the living.

There are three sides to most stories. :)

It is surprising that apparently there were no needy people in the Dallas Fort Worth area that this family could have helped with something that would have made their lives a little better instead of them having to drive 7 hours to help someone. Often when one travels to pursue helping pe…

It is illegal under city ordinance to have or keep fireworks in the city limits. Why wasn't this mentioned in the article?

pecos commented on Money for migrants

The city council members have always done charity on Del Rioans' tax dollars instead of using their own resources which in my opinion is wrong. They should not force constituents to do something that they are unwilling to do themselves.

[thumbup] Kudos to Judge Owens for taking the initiative to find ways to support the refugee operation without using our tax dollars. It means a lot when an official goes the extra mile to do something like this instead of using public money with the rationale of raising property taxes an…

Yesterday KENS 5 interviewed a Coalition official Tiffany Zook who said The Val Verde Humanitarian Coalition Center is run solely on donations. This despite our tax dollars being used to pay for their utility bills and to provide for a firefighter and police officer daily.

Everything local government does costs the taxpayer including taking firefighters and police officers off of a shift to assign them to the transition center. Preferably this practice needs to end ASAP and the residents of Del Rio reimbursed for services rendered.

Love thy neighbor ... But who is your neighbor? The ethic of reciprocity also known as the golden rule answers that question pretty easily. the principle of treating others as one's self would wish to be treated. One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated.