Home town


Dear Mr. Rosas buzzard city and county will miss you dearly.

Luis Rosas, you are the biggest and oldest goat in this city!
You are so full of excrement you can't even walk straight.
Volunteer your time in something constructive not as destructive as your mouth and pen are. No one cares about what you write in this paper, it's all venom and ful…

Luis Rosas, what the heck are you talking about? YOUR founding fathers ARE Porfirio Diaz!!

Luis Rosas, get a life!
Just because you have crossed the river, now you want to erect a fence and not allow the rest of the Mexicans in. Who do you think you are? A coconut that's what you are!
Volunteer at a nursing home or the hospital, better yet, check-in permanently.

Very well said Mr Gonzalez.

Laura Allen and all her supporters are the ignorants if they believe we hispanics buy their bs. Their agenda is definitely biased. On another note, about time Joe, or is it JOSE, San Miguel turns the reins of the News Herald over to someone else. Time to cle…