Del Rio’s tennis team is keeping busy as 2020 rolls on, and while the going has been tough in some cases, some of the players have been finding success.

At the recent John Jay/Stevens Invitational in San Antonio, many of Del Rio’s players finished among the top 10 in their respective divisions. Leading that group was Mariana Garcia, who was third in the girls singles division.

Garcia won her first three matches against opponents from Lee, Laredo United and Stratford, but she dropped her fourth match of the tournament in straight sets against her opponent from San Antonio Brennan. She bounced back in her final match, though, rallying from being down one set to defeat her opponent from Stratford, 1-6, 6-4, 10-6.

Also finishing in the top 10 was the mixed doubles team of Hector Montemayor and Dana Mijangos. They finished ninth in their division.

The duo started with a win over their opponents from Houston Stratford, but dropped their second match to a team from district rivals from Laredo United. Montemayor and Mijangos won the first set, 6-0, but then dropped the next two sets to fall in three sets.

That loss, however, was the last one for the Del Rio team as they won their next three matches, against MacArthur, Harlan and Clark, in straight sets.

In girls doubles, the sister act of Kennedy and Reagan Treviño took 10th after going 3-2 in their five matches. They won their first match in straight sets over San Antonio Veterans Memorial, but then lost their match to Houston Stratford in straight sets. They then won their next two matches, over Hays and Stevens, in straight sets. The team ended their tournament with a three-set loss to a team from Clark, 3-6, 6-2, 9-11.

In girls doubles, the team of Lexi Esquivel and Andrea Cervera was 15th. They went 2-3 in five matches, winning their first match in straight sets, losing their next three sets, and winning their final match in straight sets over their opponent from Brennan, 6-2, 6-4.

In girls singles, Destiny Jenkins was 18th, going 3-2 in her five matches. She lost her first match in straight sets, but came back to win her next three matches including a straight set win over district foe Laredo United. She closed out her tournament with a loss to Veterans Memorial in straight sets, 4-6, 2-6.

In boys doubles, the team of Adrian Rivera and Alex Beattie finished 23rd with a record of 2-3. They lost their first match, won the second match, lost the next two matches, and then beat their opponent from Hays in straight sets, 6-0, 6-3.

Also in boys doubles, the team of Albert Flores and Aiden Darden finished 26th after going 2-3 in five matches. They lost their first two matches, won their next two matches, but finished the tournament with a three-set loss to MacArthur, 3-6, 6-1, 5-10.

In boys singles, Ricardo Mejia finished 25th after going 2-3 in his matches. He dropped his first two matches to opponents from Stratford and John Jay, but closed out his tournament run with three straight, two-set wins over opponents from Lee, Laredo United and Veterans Memorial.

Del Rio’s next tournament in Uvalde was more successful for the Rams and Queens as all but two of Del Rio’s competitors finished in the top 10 in their respective divisions.

Leading the Del Rio contingent was William Proffit. He took first in the boys singles division, going a perfect 4-0 in the tournament without dropping a set. He defeated players from Laredo United, Eagle Pass, Zapata and Ingram in his first tournament since returning to the team following the end of basketball season.

In girls singles, Garcia earned a fifth place finish after going 3-1 in the tournament. She won her first match against Pleasanton, then dropped her match against Devine. She took her final two matches, against Eagle Pass C.C. Winn and Uvalde, in straight sets.

Also taking fifth in girls singles was Jenkins. She was also 3-1 in the tournament, winning her first match, losing her second match and winning her last two matches in three sets each.

Mijangos and Montemayor also took fifth in mixed doubles, going 3-1 in the process. The defeated teams from Bandera, Laredo LBJ and Ingram and lost only to a team from Zapata.

Taking sixth place was Mejia in the boys singles division. He went 2-2, beating opponents from Laredo United and Brackettville and beating opponents from Knippa and Eagle Pass.

The team of Esquivel and Cervera were also sixth in the girls doubles division. They were 2-2 in the tournament, beating teams from Ingram and Bandera but losing to teams from Laredo United and Hondo.

The boys doubles team of Rivera and Beattie was seventh after going 2-2. The won their first match, but lost their next two matches before beating a team from Knippa in straight sets.

The girls doubles team of Reagan and Kennedy Treviño took 11th place in the tournament, going 2-2. They lost their first match, beat a team from Somerset, lost to a team from Knippa and beat a team from Stacy.

The boys doubles team of Cody Montemayor and Aiden Darden was 13th, going 2-2. They lost their first two matches and then won their final two matches against teams from Stacey and Burbank.

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