Changes at the golf course

Golfers taking part in the Del Rio Queens Booster Club’s Golf Tournament fundraiser in January set up to putt on the first hole at the San Felipe Springs Golf Course. 

Even outdoors activities like golf are being affected by the ongoing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the wake of recent changes made by the city of Del Rio due to the ongoing threat of the COVID-19, or coronavirus, pandemic, the San Felipe Springs Golf Course recently announced some changes to course policy to help ensure the safety of golfers and staff at the course.

“We’ve seen about the same number of people out here since everything started happening,” San Felipe Springs Golf Course golf pro Ariel Falcon, said. “I think some people are coming out as an escape.”

Some of the changes, which were enacted Tuesday, included limiting the availability of golf carts to 12 during weekdays and 14 on the weekends. The carts are cleaned after use with the proper sanitizing products. However, walking the course is being encouraged as way to practice “social distancing.”

Other changes, some of which were enacted Wednesday, included the following:

Customers are required to pay with credit or debit cards. Employees will not handle cash to avoid transfer of any viruses or illnesses.

No more than 10 people, including employees, will be allowed in the pro shop at any one time.

Range balls will no longer be available for the time being. Falcon said the removal of range balls will allow for the range ball buckets to be properly cleaned in between uses.

Golfers are also being encouraged to leave the flagsticks in at each hole, not to share golf clubs and to abandon the traditional post-round handshake, for the time being.

“For those golfers who have their own golf clubs and golf carts, we do want to remind them to practice good hygiene and keep their equipment and carts clean,” Falcon said.

Despite not seeing much of a change in daily use, the golf course has seen some postponements when it comes to tournaments. Thus far, the annual San Felipe Lions Golf Tournament, scheduled for March 21, and the annual Border Federal Credit Golf Tournament, scheduled for March 28, have both been postponed due to safety concerns stemming from the pandemic. No new dates have been announced for the tournaments yet.

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