The mid-term election will determine our economic future, and your vote should be a thoughtful one. The choice will be a growing economy with receding government control, or a growing government with undeliverable promised free stuff.

Trump’s administration has produced 4 million jobs, with record employment, and lowest jobless claims in five decades. This is the largest job-growth spurt on record, with unemployment at a 50-year low.

African-American, Hispanics, Asian unemployment are all at record lows. Women unemployment levels are the lowest in nearly 65 years. Unemployment rates for Americans without a high school degree and disabled Americans are at record lows.

Eighty-five percent of blue collar workers believe the economy is headed in the right direction, and 68 percent received a pay increase last year. Manufacturing jobs are coming back, adding 400,000 since the 2016 election.

Medium household income rose to $61,372 in 2017 with 3.9 million Americans off food stamps. Medium income for Hispanics rose 3.7 percent, with home ownership at highest level in a decade. Poverty rates for African-Americans and Hispanics have reached the lowest level ever recorded.

Small business optimism is at historic levels, breaking the 35-year-old record in August 2018; 95 percent of the manufactures are more confident of the future, and overall consumer confidence is at an 18 year high.

Investments are flooding back to America after the tax cuts to the tune of billions, and will really grow after we resolve our trade differences with China. Retail sales are surging, up by 6.4 percent in July, 2017, and still growing.

The Dodd-Frank restraints on American business by the Obama administration, along with scores of destructive presidential executive orders have been rescinded, replaced with business friendly policies.

You will see the results of the tax cuts this IRS period with gross tax cuts, and around 60 percent of it going to families.

Dozens of special interest loopholes tax breaks for the super-rich were closed, producing higher government revenues.

Republicans failed by one vote to remove Obamacare, but did remove the individual mandate, and death panels.

It needs to be removed in total, and replaced by a competitive free market system with preexisting conditions coverage that drives down the price.

The FDA set a record for generic drug approvals in 2017, saving consumers about $9 billion. Socialized medicine does not produce innovative new medicines, improved diagnostic methods, for the same reason Cuba is driving 1956 Chevrolets; 95 percent of the world’s modern medicines are created in free market capitalist USA. Like it or not, Trump presided over a growing free market, with a chance for even greater progress.

What does the left stand for? They pretty much want to undo the last two years, impeach Trump, and grow government again. Open borders, abolish ICE, identity politics, political global warming polices, equal outcomes not based on merit, nation destroying free stuff, anti-Christian physiological abnormality, while encouraging mob attacks. They want you dependent upon government to control you.

We have more jobs than available workers, and some folks are mad about it! We have to decide if we are strong, individually responsible, optimistic, or snowflakes seeking sustenance in mediocrity over unimaginable new tomorrows in plenty.

For continued greatness we must ring the bell for individual freedom to rise to ever higher heights, while tampering down the class warfare hatred of mankind, unwilling to take the challenge.

They hated Reagan. They hate Trump a thousand times more. They have politicized government to destroy our greatness, our Christian founding, our free market capitalism, making slavish voters with handouts, living in mediocre sameness.

It can only lead to the end of our dreams, a government controlled press forcing political correctness, telling you who to hate, how much, with the loudest mouth unthinking mob always right.

Then some vote left because profits are immoral, oil drilling upsets some endangered beetle, they don’t feel responsible enough to own a gun, or think illegal aliens should have free health care, social security, and the right to vote. Then, there is always the guy who wants to marry his German Shepard.

The mainstream media blast out daily one world, secular, leftist globalism. So don’t believe what you see with your own ears. There is nothing wrong with a proud dominant America, spreading free market capitalism around the world in love and peace. It’s OK to be a proud American.

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