The moral laws of God are written in our hearts when we are reborn by the Spirit who dwells in us. We just cannot be comfortable living a life in sinful lifestyles separate from the will of God. Our heart will ache and our direction will keep us uncomfortable. That is one part of the continuing grace of God working in us, not putting us again under the law of commandments.

By grace we are saved, by faith, it is truly a gift from God. To walk against the wind of the Spirit of God however will find us in His discipline if we don’t listen. Remember that rebellion is as witchcraft, stubbornness is as iniquity. We never want to go back to that which we have been made free from of the law and sin. Nor do we want to grieve the Spirit by which we are sealed, when we became a child of God! Though some believe one cannot ever grow so comfortable they fall back into perdition and never return, I beg to differ, just as Christ warned the churches of Asia.

Getting comfortable in rebellion is not the grace of God in us working. It is the devil trying to keep us from returning to the God who loves us and calls one to repent, turn from living a lifestyle of sin again to serve the living God. Thank you Jesus for your truth that rings true to your church today, as much as in times before.

May we all desire to keep a pure heart before God and not allow the world and it’s sinful pleasures we have escaped from, to once again pollute our lives. Dare we do spite to the Spirit who seals us, by refusing Him, to where we will not be able to hear His beckoning call to come home?

2nd Peter Chapter 2 KJV explains this well. Let us all keep ears to hear and walk in the reverent holy fear of Go. For He loves us, and He will go to the greatest lengths to assure we never fall away and remain there!

If you have returned to that mud pit of your past, yet you can still feel that tug on your heart to come home to Jesus. Now hear the Lord, as He is knocking at the door of your heart! Please don’t turn Him away, to where one day you cannot hear that knock on the door of your heart. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK … knock, knock … knock, knock. “Honey is someone at the door? I can’t quite hear them!”

Instead remember, those that keep the faith and continue to follow Christ with a heart desiring to be like Him shall always be pure in heart. These never will have to worry about being snatched from the hands of the Lord! Grace saves us, and it is grace that will lead us home. Those that call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved! Let our hearts be pure when we do call upon God whom we serve! May we not choose to do so with our lips only!

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