Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years.

Democrats are negative, driving the markets down, creating despair, rioting, and Republicans are trying to drive them up. The Bulls are buying the dips, and the Bears are running for the hills. It’s election season, and I have never experienced such a sadly contrived, divided America. Poor George Floyd’s murder was the perfect storm to finish their Bolshevik Revolution.

Domestic radical leftist have captured Seattle with a cooperating government, just up the street from where I managed our business. Sweet little Betty is likely one of the leftist, never seeing the need for individual responsibility for the street people, constantly collecting money for some poor derelict who needed airfare to faraway places to bury his mother for the third time, and old cantankerous, conservative Bob, trying to tell her his mother died twice last year.

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Company 13

Paranoia will destroy ya. Most of what you write is a bunch of conspiracy theories. As for the mainstream media not reporting on the coming trials of the past administration, have you asked yourself why Republicans in Congress and conservative media are not telling us about all those crimes that you know so much about?


Yikes!! . . . Gene Chapman, you are one scary hombre.


1st. Observation , in reading your columns , I feel your genuine raw concern over what you believe is fair/true.

2nd Observation , the current administration really tarnishes what I believe you and well meaning patriots visualize as building the more perfect union.

Company 13

When people want to make America great again, they are saying that America was more perfect at some point in the past. When would that be? Read what they say about the days they long for. It's always at least 60 years ago. Check a timeline.

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