Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years. He is a former chairman of the Val Verde County Republican Party and a guest columnist for the Del Rio News-Herald. His opinions are not endorsed by, nor reflect those of the News-Herald.

Well, Trump haters, you got exactly what you wanted, a shut downed economy to defeat Trump in November. Regaining power, burying the mafia years of Obama/Hillary, transforming America into central government control and stopping a revitalized, booming economy is possible now.

Overnight, the coronavirus panic reversed a 50-year low unemployment, a legitimate 10,000 point stock market record. No president has ever won re-election in a recession, but this one was not policy driven. Its panic made with daily hysterical media attacks, creating narratives making it all Trump’s fault when it’s really theirs. This same breathless media mob was IMPEACHING Trump, when they should have been warning us about the Wuhan, China coronavirus killings!

This is a panic much larger than 32,999 vehicle fatalities or 36,000 common flu annual deaths. It’s a panic worthy of ballot harvesting, more votes than people in some precincts, ballots mysteriously appearing after the election, anything to stop an awakened America working again in pride and dignity. The fundamentals of today’s economy couldn’t be stronger, but nothing can match a properly run panic.

The left keeps screeching, only if we were in charge. Truth is they have been in charge with a growing Deep State bureaucracy, protecting its own, always knowing best wrong. We are now turning to America’s real strength, the free market where everything happens, and they are responding with ventilators, masks, correcting every error of big government planning.

This panic has everything to do with total government controlled communist China. We know it all started in Wuhan, China, but their propaganda, aided and abetted by our leftist media, makes it politically incorrect to tell the truth. Just look at the president’s daily press conferences with a leftist media attacking him as a racist for calling it rightfully, the China virus.

Knowledgeable authorities admit that the coronavirus panic virility could have been reduced by 95 percent if only communist China had truthfully reported it, or our media had alerted us. China discovered it in November 2019, ordering a cover up, informing World Health Organization on Dec. 31, but colluding with WHO to claim it could not be spread by humans. Chinese doctor Li Weniang was arrested for whistleblowing, and died in prison from COVID-19. China then held a previously scheduled international event in Wuhan, the epicenter, with thousands of international travelers attending the gala. The media only did IMPEACHMENT and the world is dying.

When China finally admitted it on Jan. 20, America offered to send our CDC professionals to mitigate its spread, but China refused, even denying a request for a sample to begin a quest for a vaccine. Eleven days later, your president ordered a ban on all China travelers against our CDC’s recommendations, and raucous cries of xenophobia and racism from a leftist, crazed media.

Now our booming economy is shut down, schools are closed, no sports, toilet paper riots, as panic ensues, and America keeps a six-foot social separation. Most of which could have been avoided, had communist China only had a Republic under God, with a truth telling president.

The Senate Republicans, working bipartisan gave the Democrats everything they asked for, wrote a bill with workers and families the focal point, saving small and large businesses for future economic security, and jobs for all. They did it with no frills with the least debt possible. They thought it was a done deal, but Pelosi flew in demanding Christmas tree spending on a must pass bill.

Fifteen-dollar minimum wage, permanent paid leave, time off for union collective bargaining, one-third of company board members chosen by workers, greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights, full offset of airline emissions by 2025, corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards or companies receiving assistance.

They bailed out current debt of postal service and gave a 10K bailout for student loans. It requires early voting, prohibits states from requiring more than the last four digits of your social security number, same day registration and voting, mail in ballots for all voters, and vote harvesting is allowed on Indian reservations. It looked to me they were making the 2020 election pretty danged confusing, not seeing a single mask, ventilator, anything to assist the COVID-19 victims.

Nancy torpedoed a bipartisan emergency bill that provided payroll and rent for little people, credit to businesses to keep them afloat, and cash from the bottom up, nothing like top down in 2009, when Obama’s bailed out the big banks with no shovel ready jobs.

But Trump loves America as it once was, making him the mortal enemy as Pelosi fiddles.

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years. He is a former chairman of the Val Verde County Republican Party and a guest columnist for the Del Rio News-Herald. His opinions are not endorsed by, nor reflect those of the News-Herald.

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