Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years.

I did the best I could. But one party rule can only lead to absolute corruption. I thought America understood that the real criminals were the far left Democrat, deep state government, using your hard earned taxes, spending millions to create crimes on innocent Trump associates, leaking known lies to a cooperating media with no interest whatsoever in leftist crimes, turning honest justice into wanton mafia, blood curdling control.

I never thought we could ever have a media seeing a presidential candidate publicly bragging “I told him (the Ukraine president) l’m leaving at six o’clock, and if the prosecutor (investigating son Hunter) isn’t fired, you’re not getting your billion dollars, and SOB, he fired him.”

Then Hunter received $3 million plus $183,000 per month from corrupt Burisma Oil Company.

Even more troubling, Hunter rode on Air Force 2 with his vice president father to China, and came away with $1.5 billion for a hedge fund earning millions annually. Hunter was asked to leave the military, accepted only after VP Biden’s request it, dated his deceased brother’s wife, who booted him out for inappropriate attention to her 14-year-old daughter, Hunter’s niece, who later received notoriety for impregnating a stripper, refusing to pay child support.

The Bidens hired Tony Bobulinski as the CEO of Sinohawk Holding, a firm he alleged was “a partnership between Chinese operating through CEFC Chairman Ye, and the Biden family.

From the inside, he accused the Bidens of crimes. America’s third largest, oldest newspaper, The New York Post wrote about it. The media called it Russian disinformation. DNI Chief John Radcliffe called it true. The Woodward and Bernstein media investigated Bobulinski, a patriot, former military officer with high intelligence clearance.

Twitter, Facebook, the media put a lid on anything negative for Biden period, but gleefully published anything negative on Trump. America can’t survive without a truthful, balanced media!

Ex Nevada Attorney General Laxalt has loudly proclaimed the Democrats were scheming to steal Nevada. Trump has been shouting to high heavens that liberally sending COVID-19 ballots was an invitation to fraud. They asked for extended days to count ballots with unreadable postmarks, and did away with the signature verification process.

In Philadelphia they put poll watchers 30 feet from the actual counting, unable to observe a single ballot for security. They placed card board over the windows to prevent spying. Honest people want the opposition to see everything up close in transparency to protect themselves. Michigan didn’t allow poll watcher observation, now being sued.

In the early morning hours hundreds of thousands of ballots appeared, most without a single Trump vote. I read in Military Times there are tens of thousands military votes yet to be counted. Seven wards in Milwaukee had more votes than registered voters, a normal fraud in many Democrat inner cities. Trump was leading in Michigan when suddenly, out of nowhere Biden surges with hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots, all for Biden.

This will be known as the COVID-19 election. They used COVID-19, accusing Trump of polices killing thousands, but mysteriously over 70 percent of the deaths occurred in Democrat run states. China sent the world the coronavirus from its Wuhan Biological Warfare Laboratories, openly backing the Democrats, spending hundreds of million bucks for control of the Senate, but thanks to God, failing. America in its infinite wisdom elected seven to perhaps 11 Republican reinforcements, mostly minorities or women, to blunt the power of a raging anti American Pelosi led Congress, siding with the global secular, socialist left. America won most everywhere with exception of Democrat run Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Nevada with America’s future hanging in the balance.

In 1957 I was helping my best friend in life study the Russian language, when Khrushchev pounded his shoe on the table and told America we will win in the end, just accept it. They now control our media, our education, rewriting history making America evil with woke snowflakes burning, looting in the streets without law and order. They successfully took America’s brain out, and put it back in backwards. They dumbed down America as they intended.

I don’t know how this will end. It will either end the chains of growing state control mediocrity, or the glorious embrace of a renewed spirit of wondrous honest individual greatness, in free market capitalism and world dominance for a few more generations. Just as hope became darkest, the Los Vegas odds flipped heavily to Trump Thursday morning. I hope they hit the jackpot.

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years.

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