Letter to the Editor

Our country is in the situation it is in because the vast majority of us are cowardly, corrupt, compromised with the culture, and complicit with evil mostly by our silence.

When we speak, we use tame, tepid, soothing, and soft-sounding words in order not to offend and off-put anyone, but to appease and appeal to everyone, instead of speaking the tough-truths with tough-love.

Relativism rules when we believe that concepts such as right and wrong, good and bad, and truth and falsehood are not absolute but change from culture to culture and situation to situation.

We so sweetly yet sinisterly proclaim that everything is acceptable, allowing all the atrocities to continue to exist while we excuse ourselves with the cover of feigning how moral and upright we are, when in reality we are neither moral nor upright, but rather we are immoral and downright degenerate.

All of us have allowed abortions to become legal, remain legal all these many years and continue unabated through all nine months of pregnancy, now killing a deformed or diseased baby after birth and the baby who survives a botched abortion. We have permitted for the abortion pill to be delivered via tele-health, so-called medicine. And the list of evil deeds goes on and on.

We are all being led to the slaughter. We are weak, wounded, lacking in courage and clarity on all the life-giving issues.

We have remained silent in order to keep the peace, not cause any trouble, be liked by the people, and try to fit in and blend in, go along in order to get along.

We are comfortable while others perish because we have remained silent, because of the beautifully good truths we have denied, because of the creature comforts we would rather enjoy to the peril and perdition of others.

What a most sorry excuse we have become. How truly pitiful and painful it is to witness the betrayal of the good, beautiful and truthful life that we could be living if only we speak up.

Marian Casillas, Ed.D.

Del Rio, Texas