I understand Mr. Rosas is a regular columnist. I do have a few comments about his remarks.

Whether it is religion or politics, or whatever, his take is consistently negative, with criticisms directed to his fellow columnists, name-calling, distorted observations, and disrespect for things with which he is in disagreement.

For instance, give me a specific fact as to why President Trump is a weasel; how is his character unsavory; specifically and scientifically, what can legitimately label him a lunatic?

Epithets without clearly defined backup are akin to “spitting in the wind.”

Furthermore, it would be wonderful to have Mr. Rosas present positive, workable solutions to our society’s mistakes and woes.

I have lived my life believing we are all American citizens, our country is indeed great, but negativity, vitriol, and pessimism have never worked and never will.

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