Larry Locker

Larry Locker

May we as God’s people, know how serious of a situation is before us right now. It requires much prayer. If there was ever a time for we all to be mindful of the things of God, and perhaps spend more time in prayer and even fasting, now surely is a time to do so!

Right now there is so much on the line, we have to know it is a critical time to do warfare in the heavens’ with our prayers. Let us remember our prayers, and not be double minded to waver in our faith. Believe in those things we have prayed for!

So many things are in the balance, yet we have God in heaven we serve who love Him. Millions of unborn babies lives are at stake, do we give our nation over to sexual immorality, murder, lies, and deception. Or do we as God’s people take a stand for justice, righteousness, and mercy! Now it is time to awaken and not sleep! That we all keep focused, and trust in God to answer our prayers, no matter what we see happening around us. God can change the hardest hearts, he has changed, and will continue to change hearts to conform to be like His.

The prayers of the righteous in Christ are very effective! We must know that our prayers move the hand of God, dispatch angels from Him all around us, and do miracles in our midst, some we see and many we don’t see. May God’s grace abound upon us much more in this time, than the evil all around us. May we the Lord’s church hear what the Lord is speaking to us all in Him.

The cry of the Lord is very loud at this moment toward this nation, the church, and the world. Let us discern with clear direction from God, as we humble our-selves before Him, to seek Him and pray! May the Lord hear the cries of His church, to move on our behalf to bring change in our nation, and in the hearts of people everywhere! The lies and deception must be stopped! May God’s people arise, and His enemies be scattered!

Larry Locker is an Evangelist in Del Rio