I have lived a long life in Del Rio, Texas, and I feel I must speak up today as our world seems to be wavering in the balance of good and evil, and even more so every day. Today may bring God’s final judgment on us and I feel great urgency to discuss this matter with my community TODAY.

I grew up like most of us not really fearful of much and enjoying a simple life of school and playing in my neighborhood with poor kids much like me. We respected all our parents as authority figures who disciplined us whether we belonged to them or not.

We were raised to believe you behaved at school, or you got disciplined at school, and more of the same spankings at home. We went on to college, and had freedom but took responsibility.

Almost every college boy in South Texas had a full gun rack in the back window of his unlocked truck, and, NO ONE GOT MURDERED … ever! That was the norm, but none of us set out to shoot a classmate, poison a teacher, pull a knife on a cop, or create a mail bomb.

We knew better, we knew no good comes from that. Common sense reigned.

So, what has changed? Well, some parents decided it was too hard being the grown up and decided to be a friend to their kids regardless.

They lost their backbone and then a new generation of kids never heard the word “no.” This started the change in this world.

This brought us kids who couldn’t lose or suffer the consequences of their actions.

Now, we have leaders at all levels of government who have never heard “no” and they get more out of touch with reality when they have massive amounts of assets and resources to live in their artificial world filled with fake beliefs.

They no longer have any rules to follow, won’t suffer any negative result from their poor choices … they just throw more money at their problems and they simply go away.

This fake world is out there … we are just not part of the mayhem … we are the creators of their problems.

We, the working class, still live on a budget, live by rules preserving law and order, and mostly still follow our Christian values. And, we stand up for what is right.

We know in our upbringing that those Ten Commandments helped keep peace in our world, reduced our sin and suffering, and promoted our happy family life.

All of these old values seem to have disappeared from all those rich Americans in our world. I have extremely rich, affluent cousins who have completely different values from mine on all levels.

While my upbringing preserved our families’ traditional beliefs, their golden spoons have turned them away from everything biblical, except maybe worshiping their new god … The Almighty Dollar.

How many people do you know who have joined the following of the god Dollar? It goes along with that saying: He who dies with the most toys wins! Now, humor me, readers.

I ask each of you, personally, have you truly turned away from those great “golden rules” that worked so well keeping peace in our world for so long? Do you really, really believe that it is ok to kill another human being and not suffer consequences? At what age do you recognize a breathing human being?

Do you really believe that we no longer need the police to answer the call when your grandmother’s home is robbed in the middle of the night and she gets attacked by some knife-wielding idiot?

Do you really believe it is acceptable to burn down someone else’s property just because you THINK they have gotten rich unfairly at your expense? Do you really believe that saving our planet by not using any more fossil fuels as soon as possible justifies all the unemployment it will cause and making gasoline cost $% a gallon again?

Do you really believe you will still be able to buy two hamburgers for $5 when that burger joint is forced to pay your teenager $15 an hour to flip that burger? Do you believe big businesses will be the only one who will have to pay more taxes to pay for free health insurance for all, including illegal aliens, and to pay for free education for all?

If you answer yes, I only ask you research these topics before you vote and make a choice for your family’s future.

We have an opportunity to bring America back to the economic level we enjoyed many years ago, before politicians got their hands in the pot and spread our dollars so thin with special interests and wasteful deals.

Stop. Think. Think hard … We have an opportunity to restore law and order and peace if we want it bad enough. If we fight for it hard enough! I ask you to search for your Christian values, deeply …

Join me and let us ask for His Favor on our nation at this great fork in the road of our future …

May the God of Heaven and Earth accept our devotion as we bow to Him seeking forgiveness as we bring our country back to biblical values.

May each Christian reading this join me in a huge effort to turn this humble nation back to Him.

Please, Precious Father, accept our plea for forgiveness for all the sinful wrong doings we have brought on this nation.

Let us all see the parallels between our poor judgment in recent years and that of Israel. Let us do this now, before you, God, have to give your judgment on your people here and now as you did to Israel.

We understand these harbingers, your warnings to us, as real and see them clearly if researched with an open, humble heart.

I ask that you allow us to magnify our humility to you, and fear you as a nation and seek your fellowship and protection as our creator and father.

Save us from what we deserve in our evil doing as a nation, bring us back into your fold and let Jesus’ blood pour over these sins and give our nation one more chance to have the slate wiped clean.

Let us show our devotion to you and your values with our vote, by who is elected for the new term as our president.

I believe you have called a sinner, much like your servant David, to lead us to greatness again. You are restoring him and allowing him to overcome his past sins and come to true greatness in leading his people, as King David did.

I pray you let this chosen leader be retained in this high office of president to finish his assignment in your behalf, bringing us back to values that you taught us to treasure.

May every breath we take, every step we take, every thought we have, move our nation back to your fold and protection. In Jesus’ precious name I pray. Amen readers, I do hear your skepticism as you read this.

Those who know me and do not know The Lord, may call me crazy writing this and seeking its publication. I say, I am blessed and washed in Jesus’ blood, and I only pray you seek Jesus, also, on your knees.

I ask God to have mercy on you if you have turned yourself away from Him. The Truth will set you free: No God, no peace. KNOW God and know peace. Enjoy eternity. I will!

Carrie Martin

Del Rio, Texas