If you have somehow strayed away from your relationship with Jesus our Lord.

Or, if you have never committed your life to serving Him. I hope you will take a moment and allow this New Year to be the most memorable and most important season of your life.

A life with Christ when in fellowship with the Spirit of Christ, not just religion, and/or going through the motions, is the most important accomplishment of any person in our lives for all who endure until the end in Him.

It may seem like our lives last forever when we are young.

As many of us probably lived like when we were much younger who are my age.

However, I know now what it means to grow older and a lot wiser for sure. I know that without Christ in my life, my life would be empty and spent in vain.

Unless you are reborn again, meaning you receive Jesus and the Spirit of Christ comes to dwell within you, then you will never know what I am talking about.

Once Jesus Christ by His Spirit, comes into your life and indwells you as you make a true commitment to follow Him. Then is when the truth will really open up to you in God’s Word in so many ways, as will the leading of His Spirit.

I use to be the party hardy New Year’s Eve party coordinator many years ago. I have found though now that those things are so far behind me and I count them rubbish compared to my life in Christ. I have found the true destiny of my life is to be part of God’s kingdom. I have discovered much of the reason why I am here in the first place. First though I had to repent or in other words turn from my sinful lifestyle I was living in.

I truly hope you also find the inner eternal love, peace, and joy that remains even in the hardest of times as you grow in your relationship with Jesus our Lord. I know this earth is not my home. When I do die one day it shall be gain to be with my Savior and Lord Jesus forever! Today, this very moment could be your day. I know, you may say, “But I just want to have one more night of fun before I make this commitment.”

My last night of living in my lifestyle of sin was extremely costly in my life. I now regret that night, though I choose to forget and move on. I just say, you never know everyone, when will that last heartbeat beat? When will that last breath be taken?

Surely we must all know that tomorrow is promised to no one, but to all it is promised to one day die and then stand before God in judgement. Are you prepared to meet your Maker? Jesus is at the door of many of your hearts right now knocking! if this is you, I pray you will feel that tug on your heart and let Jesus in!

It is so simple to just turn the other way.

However one day will be our last. At that time if you are not prepared you will unfortunately regret that decision for eternity.

I celebrate with you all that make the right decision today! Better yet, all the angels in heaven rejoice when one sinner like you and I repent from their sins and come to Christ as Lord and not just Savior! Jesus loves you so very very much! Knock, knock!

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