In The Cedars

Carolea Hassard

I was appalled to hear about the Trump Train Wreck that came through Hays County Saturday before Election Day, in which Donald Trump supporters surrounded a Biden campaign bus on I-35, slowing it down and causing a collision with a motorist.

This behavior reveals something about Trump supporters. Aggressiveness is normal. Using a deadly weapon to get your way is normal.

Yes, a vehicle is a deadly weapon. Ask any cop.

And Trump supported it. I LOVE TEXAS! was his response.

All it took was somebody on Twitter to orchestrate this intimidation fest. “Follow the bus,” she said. “We will intercept at Walters and I-35.”

Conspiring to use a deadly weapon to take someone hostage. Wow.

It baffles me that people put this stuff on the World Wide Web. Are you stupid?

The Trump Train Wreck people were honking their horns and shouting. That’s aggressive.

They were following closely. That’s intimidation.

A Texas Republican Party official bragged that Trumpies chased Biden supporters out of town. “Your kind aren’t welcome here,” she said.

That’s systemic.

How else could we let a 17-year-old kid pick up a heavy rifle, walk into a protest and murder two people and maim another? And Trump called it self defense.

Trump seems to enjoy people’s pain. There’s something nauseating about that.

A writer in the Guardian Weekly put it best. “He responds like a dog-fight fan at a dog fight, like a giddy, unpleasant 12-year-old playing a violent video game.”

“How do you stop (illegal immigrants)?” Trump asked Trumpies at a Florida rally. “Shoot them!” yells one. At that, he grinned.

And this topped with delusions of grandeur.

In his 2016 campaign, he was quoted as saying he could get away with murder. “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”

“I have the right to do whatever I want as president,” he declared in mid-2019.

“I have the right to do a lot of things that people don’t even know about.” And oh yes, he has “total authority.” That was April this year.

Total Authority Trump, huh? Depressing. This is the same guy who told people to inject disinfectant to cure COVID. Drink bleach? The most powerful man in the world advising people to poison themselves. And some did. It was no joke. But he said it was.

And this attitude of supremacy spills over to his supporters. Of course. Some of them think he was chosen by God. Really? I don’t think God would tell us to drink bleach.

Aggressiveness, intimidation, supremacy. All creeping across the country like kudzu vine.

A resolution passed by the Val Verde Republicans condemned one of its members because by endorsing a member of the enemy party, she rejected “the superiority of the Republican Platform.” The Republicans are supreme beings. Hmmm.

At least you can laugh that off. The aggressiveness, the intimidation, not so easy.

Florida’s governor says it should be legal to use your car to run down a protester if you are fleeing a riot. A Republican Texas state representative tried to pass similar legislation in 2017. At least it failed. Tennessee passed theirs. Other such proposals were made in Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa and North Dakota.

A cop suffocates a guy by kneeling on his neck for what, eight minutes? How can anybody hold that position that long? Did we hear the most powerful man on earth say that it probably shouldn’t have happened? No. We heard him say, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Stand down and stand by? He says this to a bunch of guys who have heavy weapons they can’t really use, not without paying a fee at a gun range. And if you look closely at the photos, their riot gear is so new it’s stiff. Not a speck of dirt. That’s because they don’t get to use it. But they have it. And they want to use it. Very dangerous. And Trump is telling them to stand by?

Attending a rally with an AK strapped to your chest – or whatever heavy duty weapon you please – is not normal.

Guns at election sites? What country is this?

This behavior has nothing do with law and order. This isn’t law and order. This is mob rule.

Doesn’t bode well.

Carolea Hassard is a former reporter who now lives in Kinney County. She’s honored to be here.

Her opinions are not endorsed by, nor reflect those of the News-Herald.