David Rupkalvis

David Rupkalvis is the publisher of the Del Rio News-Herald.

By the time this goes to print, the United States will have elected a president for the next four years, although there is a fairly good chance we won’t know who that person is yet.

While I have no clue as I write this who will win, I can say I am glad this election season is over. I am a political junkie, and I absolutely love elections.

But this year was different. Whether you blame Trump, the media, Biden or all of the untold money spent on various advertising, the 2020 election flat out sucked.

And that’s unfortunate in many ways because we had some compelling races well beneath the president that should have and could have been exciting to watch. But with two old men vying for the top office in the land, there was simply no room for anyone else to shine.

But now that the votes have been cast, here is what I hope we will see as a country.

Regardless of who wins and loses, I hope we see candidates shake hands and move on. I hope we see supporters of either side accept the results without violence and I hope our country begins to heal.

I understand that’s not likely to happen, but it is what I hope to see this week.

Regardless of what we see, we will move on as a country like we always do. One way or another, a president will take the oath of office in January, a new Congress will be seated and new faces will take over offices at City Hall in Del Rio and the Val Verde County Courthouse.

And we will move ahead as a people and as a country. The vast majority, the 99 percent as they say, will accept the election results. Many will be unhappy, but they will get up and go to work, they will love their families and return to life as normal as it can be during COVID-19.

And that’s the way it always has been and should always be.


Writing this column is a little bittersweet because it will be my last one for the Del Rio News-Herald. After close to a year as the publisher of this newspaper, I have been offered and opportunity that I simply cannot turn down so I will be moving on.

My time in Del Rio was short, and it was marred by a global pandemic that changed everything in Del Rio and elsewhere, but it was one I will always be grateful I shared.

Del Rio is not a perfect community, but it is one filled with good people who work hard and support their friends and neighbors. The strong family values and community pride say a lot about the people who live here.

I probably haven’t said this enough but the elected leaders here are a strong group who work long hours to help the community they call home.

No one could have predicted a rookie mayor and an experienced county judge would be thrown into a pandemic that we’ve faced. While there were a few hiccups, they came together and made decisions that saved lives and benefited the people living here.

I have always said politics starts at home. Your mayor and your county judge are much more important to your life than whoever is president. Remember that. Along with their teams in emergency management, they have made difficult but needed decisions to protect the community. I will always be grateful for that.

The business community in Del Rio that I have worked closely with is made up of men and women who risk it all daily to provide goods and services that make our lives better. COVID has especially hit them hard. So when you can, shop at home, visit doctors here, call repairmen here and spend your money here. They deserve it.

Finally, my team here at the Del Rio News-Herald has been a pleasure to work with.

These men and women are dedicated to their jobs and work relentlessly to share news that is important to the community.

We are not perfect and we miss some things, but every day they show up and give it their all. I will always be grateful to the work they have done and the effort they have given during my time here.

David Rupkalvis is the publisher of the Del Rio News-Herald.