Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas is a guest columnist and his column appears in the News-Herald every Tuesday. 

Donald Trump wants us to relax because we are doing fine, he says that this will pass. We are at war with coronavirus and “I am a war president, and I will win.”

Right, but he refuses to bring the full power of the Fed to help the states against overwhelming odds.

And Dr. Anthony Fauci, of the Center for the Disease Control said “The worst is yet to come.”

We have the worst president in what could be one of the worst times in America.

The flight attendants union says the industry is on the verge of collapsing, and the airline’s big shots are crying wolf, saying the industry needs the government to bail them out.

But the Bible-thumping lady on the Devotional Page alludes to Donald Trump as the right man at the right time? Trump the right man? We are sunk.

The governor of New York makes a lot more sense than Trump ever will.

Florida, with a Republican governor, is fast becoming a state about to overcome New York in coronavirus cases.

But Luis, How can that be, hombre? The Bible-thumpers swear on a stack of Bibles that God favors Republicans?

Donald Trump declared in his State of the Union that “Our economy is the best it has been.”

But Trump (conveniently) failed to mention to the America which voted for him but which he ignores since the election, that suicide rates are at a record high.

More Americans die every two weeks from drugs, alcohol and suicide.

“Deaths of Despair” some call them, and more have died of these than in the 18 years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It is not Trump’s fault, but neither has he tried seriously to do something about it in some way, such as health care.

If coronavirus comes from God, as the Bible-thumpers say, then God is not a fair god, taking advantage of his power over his creation to keep the fear of God in people.

God is supposed to be loving and kind, not mean.

Do parents punish their children with mean and rotten ways? Not as a rule, but some parents are devil-ish, not godly.

God gives the devil free rein over the Earth. Why? Well, the Bible has a fairy tale about that. The Bible prophets were good at keeping fear in people, the fear of a God they never saw or heard.

The prophets knew human nature and the fear of the unknown, and used that fear against humanity to keep humanity from going hog wild.

But the one thing that to me smells fishy about the Bible is the very beginning, when Abraham, whom “The Good Book” alludes to as the father of nations.

Abraham was lower than a snake’s belly, a cheat, a cad and a liar.

He lied to pharaoh to save his worthless behind telling him Sarah was his sister. Pharaoh took Sarah to his harem to have her at his disposal giving Abraham sheep and goats, and probably some money.

Why pharaoh, after learning the truth, would give Sarah back to Abraham and let both go free is a story that people have been okay with since before Jesus.

Jesus told his followers what had been would be no more.

He was not preaching anybody’s religion, not even Judaism.

But Christianity, decades after Jesus’ death, insisted that everybody should be a Christian. Well, you know how that went and has been going ever since.

Adolf Hitler tried to Christianize everybody and his uncle with his own kind of Christianity.

Germany was a Christian country, and they rounded up all the Jews in Europe putting them in death camps as slave labor, and victims of Hitler’s diverse way of extermination.

A group of Jews in one of those death camps held court to judge God, and found him guilty of abandonment.

That group of Jews were onto something: One, you cannot depend on God, and two, that there is no such thing as God’s chosen people.

I believe God is about individuals.

The American military did not storm the beaches in the Pacific or in Europe carrying crosses and religious banners.

The majority probably wore crucifixes around their necks, and called themselves Christians, but the companies went ashore as U.S. Army soldiers, not as soldiers of God.

They went against murderous fire from well entrenched Germans, but the Americans were there to do a job, and they did it with collective and individual heroism against all kinds of physical barriers. And lucky for us all, there were no quitters.

Luis Rosas is a guest columnist and his column appears in the News-Herald every Tuesday.

The News-Herald does not endorse the opinion of guest columnists.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are the columnist’s own.


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