We who are born again believers in Christ our Lord, are free from the law of sin and death. Yet we are told to not take that freedom as an opportunity to sin! Be free and keep a pure heart before God by ever desiring to be like unto Christ, now and forever.

We apply grace daily, as we call upon the Lord continually for that grace. We rest in Christ’s finished work, even though we all fall short in achieving Christ likeness fully for now. We must rest alone in His grace, not our own good works and achievements. We trust that His workmanship in us all is sufficient, despite our weaknesses!

The old saying is, when we fall we get back up. That does not mean we just keep falling with no desire to change and talking to God about it. We eventually see more and more good fruit come from God’s work in our lives.

Let us never turn away from the loving conviction from God in our hearts, that change is needed in one area or another. This urges us to continue to call upon the Lord, and pursue our life of picking up our crosses daily to deny our own-selves, and follow Christ. We have His ever present help and grace to do so. We keep pressing toward the mark of the prize to obtain our eternal reward, of which the greatest is to be with Christ our Lord forever.

To be born again means we are born of the Spirit of Christ now dwelling in us. The Spirit of God bears witness in us all who believe that we truly do belong to Christ, when we are born again. Our desire to live in old sinful lifestyles changes, and we know that we are no longer slaves to sin for more sin, but slaves unto righteousness in Christ for more righteousness. We are not able to be comfortable living old sinful lives.

If you are still comfortable living sinful lifestyles with no desire to change, then you are either unrepentant in heart or have never been born again. Make sure by understanding that sin no longer has dominion over those in Christ. When we are submissive to the workmanship of His Spirit, and we see the fruit of His Spirit in us more and more, then we know that there is no doubt, it is Christ working in us. Love is the greatest witness of a born again life. All of the fruit of His Spirit is summed up in the one word, love.

If you feel a tug at your heart, and you are not sure if you are truly born again, then today you want to be very sure. God has surely not given up on you or you would no longer feel that tug at all. Answer that knock on the door of your heart! Allow Jesus to come in by turning from your sins today, and asking Him to come in. He will do the changing, just ask and receive. Let the peace of God come in and rule in your heart today!

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