Letter to the Editor

Dear Lord Jesus, you are often called the Divine Physician, for you healed every disease and brought great relief to many suffering and needy people when you walked among us. Even more, you have continued your healing ministry throughout the ages in many ways and through many people, including doctors, nurses, and other health and healing professionals.

Thank you for giving me wise and competent doctors. I am confident you are already at work in them, for you are the giver of each vocation and gift. Oh Lord, please bless my doctors with abundant wisdom and skill, and the grace of compassionate and understanding hearts.

Help them to use the resources within their power to heal me, and bring comfort to all. Guide their hands always, and may they never do a work that would bring you dishonor or disgrace.

You have chosen doctors to help bring healing to our world; may my doctors always work to build up the human family, realizing how important and valued is their work in your sight. O Lord.

Dear Mother Mary, you are also very active in the work of healing and health. Please give my doctors and health care workers your special gifts of wisdom and compassion. Bless their undertakings and those they serve with great grace and peace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Irene Ortiz,

Del Rio, Texas