Larry Locker

Larry Locker

2nd Chronicles 7: 13, 14

13 If I the Lord your God shut up heaven, so there be no rain, if I command the locusts to devour the land, and if I send pestilence among my people;

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves to pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I the Lord their God will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

When the COVID-19 virus started getting worse, when the locusts started their rampage on crops in Africa, when the fires have kept burning all over the west, we all were feeling this tug in our hearts to pray and seek the Lord. There has been much prayer through all of the heartache. Yet we must not forget the part of repentance, or turning away in other words from our wicked ways as God’s people. Yes, the message we were many of us quoting was, and I believe still is for God’s people first to continue to turn back toward Him.

There are many people in the Lord’s church hearing the cry for change in the hearts of God’s people from comfort, and casual religion, to turn back to seeking the Lord with a pure heart, prepared to receive the blessings of God. I don’t want to be hard on everyone, yet if you have not heard the cry to turn from the wickedness of the world that has crept into the church, then we are missing out on the finer points of tribulation and trials we now face.

We have the grandest of opportunities in our nation, for God’s people to rise up at this time. For we His people to not shy away from unashamedly claiming the name of Jesus our Lord whom we love in public, to unashamedly share of the good news He has given to us all that call upon His name with a pure humble heart. It all starts with me, and with you. It is not a thing of religiosity, but a calling for God’s people to stand out in this time to not participate in the fellowship with the darkness of the world.

I know that our maturing in the Lord takes time, it is a process that continues in us all until we go to be with the Lord. However, with all of the things going on around us in our nation, I believe it is time for God’s people to possibly grow up and mature a bit more quickly with His help. Not on our own good works but by truly giving our hearts unto Him to do His good workmanship in us. That we surrender our lives to Him in a way that we can say in truth, Lord take me, I am yours, I want to change, I want to be used by you in this day, to change our nation and the world.

This commitment is not something we should all just shun and go on back to the way we were before the things happening around us at this time.

The work of Christ in us by His Spirit, comes with a heart that truly turns toward Him. Not in some outward appearance of holiness, but inwardly a heart that is willing to be taught, and submit to the will of the Father. I hope we all will move toward God now more than ever before and remain there. Not just go back to the same person we were before all of this began. It is a good thing, for as we shine brighter and brighter, then those around us will be drawn to the light more and more that are the remnant still in the world that shall be saved.

We can choose so easily to go back to the statuesque, but somehow I don’t think that is what God is working in us all that are willing now to accept. It would be so easy to take that easy road to pleasures and comfort once again, when the Lord removes these current trials and tribulation for a season perhaps. Yet, perhaps not. We are told in God’s Word as the day approaches of the Lord’s return that the birth pangs happening on this earth will increase, not decrease.

We however, can learn in this season, to remain close to God. That when these things continue, we can be blessed in the trials, and be there for others in need by making the right decisions now. We can not rely on mankind to get us through the times ahead. We must know it is time to stay close to God and not waiver. In other words, if we fall we need to get back up and keep moving forward towards the prize. That we discern that now is not the time to go back to foolish sinful pleasures and be caught in the midst of the trials having no fellowship with the Lord.

Instead, may we mean what we are saying now and ask God to help us keep that decision with His strength. For it is not by our own strength or work we will accomplish such things. Instead it is God who will help us now, and in the future to stay closer with Him. When we fall, we get back up, we learn hopefully and with His help continue to grow and move forward. It is such a joy to realize that God has called us to be special people in these days set apart unto Him, that He can use for His glory, and I believe will use in a mighty way in the coming days. For when the crushing comes, sooner or later, the oil is poured out upon God’s people, along with the new wine.

Joy can return to us all in Him, and we can have strength to endure all that will come in the future in the way of tribulation and trials. I know it sounds hard, but really that is the road we chose on the straight and narrow pathway in Christ. For as we separate ourselves, there will be cost now possibly in ways that are hard, but for sure, the eternal value of a life separated to be in closer fellowship with God will be something that brings tidings of great inner joy and peace, with much fruit to be grow in us and through us as we continue to press forward.

In 2nd Chronicles Chapter 7, the warnings were given to King Solemn right after the promises of blessings He would have for following the Lord’s way. It is good reading to read the last of that chapter, as the Lord speaks to the King, and to us all in one way or another. Blessings, or cursing, which is an easy choice, but one we hopefully will make now and remain there.

I hope and pray that we all make the right choice, to stay the course! For God to show us His glory upon the church as in the first days, in the day of Pentecost and beyond! Where after the crushing, the oil was poured out in great ways upon God’s people! Let it be so Jesus, Let it be! May your church arise and shine to glorify your name in these days prior to your return!

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