In the time of Noah, the message to all people was to get on the boat! Today, just as in that day the message to the world is still to get on the boat. This boat is the only true safe place to be during the storms of life, and for eternal safety as well. That boat in Noah’s day was a form of Christ.

Today Jesus Christ is still the boat of safety. Jesus said that when He comes that He will come like a thief in the night, when no one expects Him. Then the boat door shall be closed. He also said that many will be left outside the door knocking, saying Lord, Lord let me in, then Jesus will reply, “Depart from Me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you!”

Dear friends, this is not bad news, but good news. God before time began had already decided that He would come to this earth to die for our sins.

Jesus the Word of God, God’s only begotten Son came to earth, just as promised to save all mankind. He came to earth to die, He laid His life down, no one could kill God, He died that we would not have to suffer the second death, which is hell.

Jesus conquered death and hell when He rose from the grave, as God raised Himself from death and now Jesus lives forevermore! He now stands at the door of each persons heart knocking, that you let Him in and get on the boat to safety!

The fact is that no one has to die and go to hell. People choose to not get on the boat and end up there anyway! The question is how about you? Are you safe on the boat, with Christ living inside of you? Have you turned from your sinful lifestyles to follow Him? To know you are safe I encourage you all as I do myself daily, to follow Jesus with a pure heart, that continues to desire to be like unto Him now and in eternity! The choice is clear, yet many people will not heed the warning to get on the boat. Many people will choose to continue living in sinful lifestyles, and refuse to turn from those ways.

Again, there is good news, that if you still feel that tug on your heart to answer that knock at the door, then today open your heart and let Jesus in! If you confess Jesus Christ as your Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved! The boat door on anyone’s life may close sooner than expected, and Jesus shall not tarry forever!

Noah finally had to close the door to the ark! Only eight people, who were Noah and His family were saved! The warning is clear, yet the loving invitation to come into Jesus’ arms for now is still open to all people of all nations!

Jesus loves you so much, and He wants all people to be saved, that none have to go to the place called hell! For hell was not created for mankind, but for the devil, Satan and his fallen angels!

Please, get on the boat!

There are many procrastinators and scoffers now in hell begging for one drop of water! Many who refused to turn from their sinful lifestyles are there as well who died. Jesus is the only Way, the Truth, and the Life, the only Way to the Father in Heaven!

He offers eternal life you all people who will open the door of their hearts and let Him in. I am praying everyone that reads the message makes the right choice today, and calls upon the name of Jesus that they shall be saved! Much love to all, I love you enough to tell you the truth!

Larry Locker is an evangelist in Del Rio.

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