Letter to the Editor

Oh, how these times they are a changing. There’s something truly sad about these tumultuous times that deeply saddens the heart to think about how far we have come as a society that doesn’t care about the pulsating, pumping heart beating inside the little babies growing and developing in their mother’s womb.

It doesn’t matter that the science says that if the heart is beating the baby is alive, because the real “science deniers” will reject the science and stay with their superstitious thinking that it’s just “a clump of cells.”

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Company 13

Not all pro-choice people are science deniers. Do yourself a favor and read a few books on the topic. Try to understand the people you constantly oppose. Open your mind to new ideas and arguments.

There are many arguments that don't depend on a fetus being a "blob." Such pro-choice arguments would enlighten you.

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