I have long lived by the axiom that when something is just totally false and inane it is best not to dignify it with any sort of response and that is what I have long been doing with the “Another View” political cartoon series. However, the cartoon in the Aug. 2 issue of the News-Herald depicting hands and forearms marked “NRA” and the Republican logo holding a smoking “assault type” rifle was so blatantly false and misleading that I, as a lifelong Republican conservative and decades long NRA member, cannot in good conscience let it pass unremarked.

Yes, the Republican party does oppose many “gun control” laws; this is because the Founding Fathers, in their very likely divinely inspired wisdom, placed the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution, recognizing and enshrining in legal writing the God-given human right to effective self-defense.

Those who espouse stringent gun control laws simply fail to see – or perhaps are choosing to ignore – the fact that under our system of law, gun control laws would be as unenforceable as Prohibition was, and will only serve to disarm the law abiding people, and leaving them helpless when facing an illegally armed assailant.

The forearm marked “NRA” is an equally cheap and false shot. The NRA has always stressed safety with firearms and scrupulous adherence to all firearms laws.

And the historical fact remains that in very many instances it has been firearms possession and training – whether through the NRA or other sources – that has enabled a “good guy with a gun” to neutralize a shooter and put a quick end to the carnage.

If the Del Rio News-Herald wishes to be – and to be considered – a responsible and objective publication, I respectfully but strongly suggest it drop the “Another View” series and replace it with a more accurate, responsible, objective and less sensational series.

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