Letter to the Editor

I am writing regarding the column written by Mr. Chapman and published in the Del Rio News-Herald on May 3, 2020.

I will concentrate on statements he inaccurately attributes to some Democrats.

He made the claim that Elizabeth Warren said that having an abortion is no different from having tonsils removed. Warren did not say that. She truthfully said that having an abortion is as safe as having tonsils removed. An honest person would have quoted her accurately. Perhaps Mr. Chapman doesn’t have the ability to respond to the truth so he made up a quote. An honest person who disagreed with Warren’s views on abortion could have pointed out that abortion is safe for the woman getting the abortion but not safe for the other life involved in the procedure, the fetus. So why not just tell the truth about what she said? Why choose dishonesty?

The columnist claimed that Joe Biden said ordinary people don’t care about constitutional rights. Biden never said that. I can’t even find something he said that could be misconstrued as meaning what Mr. Chapman claims Biden said. Why the falsehood? Is the truth about Biden not sufficient for finding fault?

Mr. Chapman also made the claim that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that the right to bear arms isn’t in the Constitution. She did not say that. In fact, her platform mentions the Second Amendment.

In his column, Mr. Chapman congratulates himself for never having made the statements that he alleges those Democrats said. He should retract his undeserved congratulations and set the record straight by telling the truth.

Mr. Chapman owes apologies for presenting false information as true. He should apologize to the Del Rio News-Herald for using the paper to publish spurious content he found on the internet. He should apologize to the readers for insulting our intelligence with bogus material.



Diana Fitzgibbon

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Little of what Mr Chapman says is true or accurate.

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