Pray in the Spirit, in your most holy faith! Don’t allow the devil to steal what God has given you! Let your understanding be from God, and not from man! The things of God are spiritually discerned. God gives good gifts to His children. The gifts of God are irrevocable. Allow the Spirit of God to lead you as the Great Shepherd who cares for His flock. The fullness of the Godhead dwells in all who are in Christ bodily. Understand that we are His workmanship, and He promises to complete that work for all that continue to call upon the name of the Lord!

The Captain of our Salvation is our Lord Jesus Christ, and His Word is alive and living in all those who love Him and follow Him. That same Word of God never returns void from the person whom it is sent out to. Receive the things of God with joy in your heart unspeakable, for God gives them to only a chosen few that can receive the Word of God! Rejoice, if that is you! Paul reminded us to rejoice, again I say rejoice He said, with thanksgiving in your heart. Let that joy in you be complete. Never allow the enemy to steal that joy in your heart which is from God, no matter what the circumstances might be!

If you ever feel the world collapsing around you or anxiety, depression, loneliness, or stress try to or begin to come in, then stop it at it roots by building yourself up according to scripture in your most holy faith, by praying in the Spirit. God knows what He is doing as we know, and I believe He wants to give all born again believers in Christ the ability to build up ourselves in faith, that we can endure and be prepared to build up others. So many believers are ignorant to the facts when it comes to building yourself up, and why it is absolutely necessary as much or maybe even more now than ever for those of us in Christ.

The Apostle Paul even said, “I wish that not only I, but all in Christ spoke in tongues”. Why did he say that? The answer is clear, and it was not in particular for others around us, but for we to build up our own-selves. By this we have one of our best weapons to cast down thoughts and imaginations of things not in line with God’s Word, everything that comes against the knowledge of God.

So we all have to choose whether to ask God for these things or just believe man for his word on the subject whose understanding is of the flesh and not of the Spirit. Whenever I am in the mission field or in a situation where I just do not know what or how to pray about things, I know I can pray in the spirit. I can also sing in the spirit and know it is from God, because the utterances come from my spirit attached unto the Spirit of Christ dwelling in me. What beautiful songs have been written by those praying in the spirit and no one knows just how many they probably sing came from someone singing unto God in their spirit man.

I know, some of you cannot understand, for again these things are spiritually discerned. May God open up your spiritual understanding and enlighten you in His Word to know this truth about praying and singing in the spirit. All born again believers only need to ask God for good gifts and this is one of them, so ask, seek, and find the truth to upgrade your prayer life substantially. For God surely wants us all to build up ourselves so we can be prepared to build up others. Makes sense? It is in God’s Word, and we will be able to pray accordingly unto God one on one this way until we stand before Him and we know Him just as we are known.

Make sure you read God’s Word about the subject in 1 Corinthians. For it all must be done in order and not to interrupt the flow of God’s Word and the movement of His Spirit. Then again we can all pray and sing in the spirit who are in Christ silently to ourselves at anytime, all the time. This will help you understand further to pray without ceasing. For we know not what to pray at times, but the Spirit always knows and helps us pray according to God’s will!

God’s Word says that these gifts of God’s Spirit will no longer be necessary when we are with God and see Him face to face! We then will know Him just as we are known! Do you really think you know God just as He knows you and I in every single detail of our existence? Though God has given us much in scripture, we in no way can know Him just as we are known until the day we are perfected forever incorruptible and immortal in His Presence forever! I want to say this for some of you who need to ask God about this and allow Him to help you understand. God’s Word says not to neglect the gift that is in you!

Are you neglecting this gift that many of you have inside of you already, though it is just waiting to come out and build you up for the sake of God’s kingdom’s continued work? Some of you are about to get a life changing spiritual upgrade from God I believe, just because you ask and receive by faith. Others, well God still loves you and so do I, but you are missing out on something God meant for many to have but they lack understanding spiritually. What is worse, is some of you now suffer from all kinds of strongholds because of neglecting one of these important weapons of our daily warfare in Christ against these strongholds of the enemy!

As for me and many others in Christ, we will pray in the spirit and also we will sing in the spirit. Some of us will pray and sing in the spirit often with understanding, because we asked for understanding when we pray and sing from the spirit things from God.

When we have understanding we can then not only build up our own-selves but those around us as well just as when we pray in our natural language. Let everything be done for the building up of one another and to build up our own-selves in our Lord Jesus Christ!

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