Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years.

We have one party working with communist China, helping to make China the dominating economy and military power in the world. They are selling out our free market godly dominance for ANTIFA/BLM control of your future in chains of slavery. How could deep staters running America before Trump hate him enough to willingly sell out America’s greatness for the hope and change bleakness and anguish of socialism under evil personified?

Why do you think Biden’s staffers, Democrat billionaires are providing funds for bail money for ANTIFA/BLM rioter in Democratic cities?

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Company 13

Mr. Chapman, anyone who would bother to read your column already knows the far right wing talking points. Yet you faithfully list them out in each column. They are nothing but recycled BS.

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