Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years.

Senator Graham finally mustered up the courage to have a hearing exposing the crimes of the Obama/Hillary desperate government attempt to first prevent Trump’s election, then Deep State impeachment if elected. It will eventually be called Obamagate, perhaps not in your lifetime, but when history has no reason to lie.

The mainstream media gleefully served as a conduit for FBI classified leaks, seeking to destroy new broom Trump for three years of “Trump colluded with Russia” to win. When Mueller’s arranged Special Counsel found no evidence, they turned to Deep State contrived impeachment, all to hide Obama/Hillary’s actual collusion with Russia. Now we know it was Hillary and Obama working with the Russians, selling them a third of our scarce Uranium for millions.

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Too bad you don't base your opinions on facts.

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