I’m rolling on the floor laughing. Entertained by the majority Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which they turned in to a kangaroo court, putting on a farcical inquiry of justice and the rule of law.

My amusement is from the clowns they are putting on the airs of decorum and of respect for Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford, who showed them what respect and civility are really like. As opposed to the little bantam rooster from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, who sounded like he got into the locoweed spewing garbage at the Democrats, who made Judge Kavanaugh lose his cool.

Senator Graham, in defense of poor little Kavanaugh, and after exhorting the Democrats on the committee, pointed in the direction of Republican Senator Jeff Flake, and said Republicans had better vote for clean cut, All-American boy Kavanaugh.

All Republicans on the committee treated Kavanaugh like a clean-cut, American boy.

And the Pompous Pious Republican Kennedy from Louisiana went the furthest of all to make Kavanaugh credible.

Republican Kennedy on Thursday before the committee vote, invoked the name of God, asking Kavanaugh if he was telling the truth; and do you swear by God? And of course, the Pious Kavanaugh, whose pants may have been on fire (no más pantalones) answered, “Yes, I swear to God.”

Wow. What happened to “Thou shall not speak the Lord’s name in vain?”

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, like a thunder bolt from heaven striking the Republican’s Achilles heel in the Judiciary Committee right between the eyes, telling them he would vote Kavanaugh out of the committee but only if the vote on the floor is delayed, and a background check is renewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the allegations against Kavanaugh by the accusers, but not to last more than a week.

The stunned Republicans agreed.

The agreeables included the hate mongering Cuban Ted Cruz, and the sanctimonious John Cornyn. Trump the dumb, who had put a stop to the background checks on Kavanaugh, had to eat a big plate of bitter pills to swallow, and he ordered the FBI to re-open Kavanaugh’s file.

Just like some Republicans accused Obama of being born in Africa, I believe Ted Cruz was born in Cuba and smuggled into America by way of Canada.

If this letter makes it to print, the FBI report will have been concluded, and the vote on the floor will have been done.

And if the report comes out unfavorable to Kavanaugh, Trump will not release it.

And if that happens, there are at least three Republicans, including Flake who will vote no. But I suspect there could have been some chicken Democrats who will vote yes.

Politics are a mean devil. The Republicans in the Judiciary Committee gave the Democrats the horse laugh for their injecting of Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook into their questioning trying to trip up Kavanaugh.

But a group of 65 women on a list of attesting to Kavanaugh’s goodness, including a woman named Renate Dolphin, who was all out for the nomination of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was dismayed to say the least, when she learned that a photo of Kavanaugh and four football players in the yearbook had written across the photo, “Renate’s Alumnus,” and that gave an inference of her being intimate with these boys.

And in her own words she said, “That is horrible and horrid.” She didn’t know about the yearbook because they went to different schools but were located close to each other and socialized.

One of the accusers is quoted to say that she had witnessed boys lined up outside a bedroom waiting their turn to have their way with some semiconscious or helpless drunk girl.

Christine Ford and two other accusers place Kavanaugh at this party, which he denies. But Ms. Ford has accused Kavanaugh of attempted rape at another party.

Meanwhile, Trump has signed the fiscal 2018-19 budget, which provides no funds for his big beautiful wall. Nope, not even a plugged peso from Mexico.

Trump’s nominee Brett Kavanaugh, if the Senate Republicans hold together, will probably make it to the Supreme Court, and that will create a big ugly wall of radical conservatism that will do away with every Democratic program since President Franklin Roosevelt, like Social Security and Medicare, etc.

These pompous black-robed alleged Christians will help to devastate public schools. But a local female educator who cares only about one issue will be doing high-fives with the “pro-life” crowd.

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