Years ago the granddaughter of a good friend moved to our town. She and her husband had a 5-year-old son and she was expecting again.

While we were sitting on the front porch and visiting, her son opened the door to their house and out came a young puppy. The little puppy was so excited and wagging his tail and glad to see everyone.

He wanted us to rub on him and he would even get up in our laps and try to lick us, (a dog’s way of saying that they like or love you).

That little puppy was friendly and loving to everyone. He was probably four to six months old. That sweet loving puppy reminded me of something that happens to person when they ask Jesus Christ to come into their heart.

When we accept Jesus Christ, He brings a new kind of love into our hearts, (John 8:42, 1 Timothy 1:14). If we have not accepted Jesus Christ the love of God is not in us, (John 5:42 & 43, & John 14:24).

The Bible teaches several ways to tell if we have it or not. One, we will love God and we will love other Christians, (John 13:34 & 35). We will also love all people differently. Loving and obeying God’s word is another way to tell if we are truly Christians, (John 14:15&23).

See you in Church next Sunday.

Brother J

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