Twenty-two now confirmed dead now, and several still critical in El Paso. The devil was not through. He manipulated a mind of another person in Dayton, Ohio to kill others, now nine are dead, several critical, multiple injured.

One of the problems with spiritual warfare is too many Christians don’t believe in spiritual demonic attacks today, and others have no idea how to use the weapons of warfare that God gives us. These things are spiritually discerned. If you think that this is just natural man behind these evil murders, think again? Please wake up to the truth of the spiritual demonic effecting the natural man.

Let’s look at the betrayal of Christ and what happened to begin the pathway to His crucifixion by his betrayer. First the thought we are told in God’s Word was planted by Satan, the devil into the mind of Judas. Yes, Satan plants thoughts in people’s minds. The situation grew worse though as Judas meditated on that thought, and when it was conceived in his heart, the Bible says that Satan entered into him and the betrayal was enacted in full force. Wow, this was by no means natural man acting alone. Satan has been trying to stop the Seed of the Word of God (Jesus), since the beginning of time when Adam and Eve fell in the Garden. There Satan manipulated Eve into taking of the forbidden fruit that God explicitly had told them not to eat. We see here that the forces of darkness in both instances began with a thought planted. Once conceived into the hearts though, then the evil deeds were committed.

You know when mass murders happen then a string of the copycat murders often go across a nation and spread abroad. There is only one explanation, and to effectively counter these things we have to understand the demonic realm is actively persuading others right now to do the same. Can it or will it happen again over this next week or month? Unfortunately, there is a very good chance manipulated minds are already planning the next attacks.

We have the answer to counter these murdering, manipulating demons by counter attacking the devil at the source. By prayer in the natural, and in the spirit, we can lose these demons and bind them. We can also loose God’s holy angels through our prayers to intervene. We can pray that God intervene and draw these manipulated minds unto Himself, to cause a person to turn to Him instead of committing these evil deeds.

On the other side of things, it comes down to the church of Christ also.

Are we living godly lives continuing to seek to do the will of God? Or, are we unrepentant at heart? Sin can cause prayers to go unanswered, especially when rebellion is involved. We as a nation of God’s people must repent as a whole! For we the church, are at the forefront of responsibility when our nation goes astray.

The Word of God says to the Lord’s church and to our nation to repent, to turn from our evil deeds unto the Living God. God says to humble ourselves, call upon the Lord, and repent, that he will heal our land and all of our diseases!

There is no doubt when these things happen that the Lord has lifted his hedge of protection from our nation somewhat. Not totally for sure, but there is no doubt that God could intervene, but has chosen so far not to stop these two mass murders and the other 248 that have occurred recently. When we remove God from our public places, and rebel against his commandments, you can know by all means God is speaking to his church and to this nation as a whole to turn back to Him! Or, even worse things can happen. That’s right, far worse things can happen, if we do not as a whole turn back to God.

We must awaken church of the Living God, and turn back to God with all of our hearts. Repent, and watch and see how God can turn these things around for the good in an instant. The world does not know God, and cannot know God until He opens up their understanding. We have to be proactive to do our part to pray and either evangelize this nation or support those doing so.

The comfort of the church in America is being shaken! How much more shaking has to occur before we truly repent if necessary. It is an issue of the heart. Rebellion is as witchcraft, and stubbornness as iniquity. I am afraid both are rampant in the church of God at this moment. He that has ears to hear, hear! May God arise in His church. this nation, and may His enemies be scattered!

When will God’s people turn from supporting the abominable practicing of the murder of abortion, from the point of conception? When will the church turn from supporting those that oppose marriage only being right in the sight of God between a man and a woman? When will the Lord’s church stop allowing witchcraft, sorcery, and other practices of paganism to infiltrate our homes and school systems? When will the church turn from joining with other faiths and cults with their heretical teachings? When will the Lord’s church turn away from sexual immoral behavior and pornography? When will the church stop following those that turn the Word of God into teachings of damnable heresies, even denying the Lord, his resurrection, and deity? When will the Lord’s church stop carousing around in the world, taking part in the drunkenness, revelry, and excessive banqueting?

Is this not what the Lukewarm church and the church that has left it’s first love do continually? Judgement starts with God’s people! What is our answer unto God our Creator?

Yes, He is talking to us all! However, the question is. will we listen or like the religious sect in the time of Jesus on earth, just turn our heads away when we look into the mirror of God’s Word, as if we did not see what God is showing us?

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