Be it ever so humble, some say but for everything give thanks to God. There is nothing wrong with that sentiment, but I feel that some say it in such a way that it sounds to me like they have the market cornered on who has more God.

God is everywhere. And if you are a person of good conscience, God lives in you.

Most people are thankful, I believe, if all they have to eat is a tortilla and beans. Forget the turkey!

I thank the Lord every time my truck starts. With my bum legs and a cane, I wouldn’t get too far very fast. I would bake in the hot sun, or drown on a buzzard gulch street if caught in a gullet washer rain.

Okay, so we are thankful. But does God really want us to be thankful for everything?

I mean does God really want us to be thankful for our man in the Oval Office? I hope not.

And if the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, why don’t he taketh away this faketh president who in his fight with the Judiciary is now in a fight with the high priest Justice John Roberts. Does God get thanks for that?

You say give God thanks for everything? Even for Trump the uncouth taking sides with Saudi Crown prince against the CIA’s assessment that the Saudi prince ordered the Khashoggi torture-murder? On a campaign rally in 2016, Trump told us that he was making millions selling apartments to the Saudis.

Now with the torture/murder of Journalist Khashoggi, he says he is not involved in any personal business with the Saudis.


And that is a whopping whopper with everything on it, but the truth. So for those of you who think God should be thanked for everything, are you sure God wants thanks for a U.S. President who, when on the phone with the military on Thanksgiving day, gets political, selling whoppers. But instead of hold the pickles, hold the onions, it’s hold the truth!

Which is a very dangerous thing. And you, whoever you are, would thank God for a lying U.S. President? Should we thank God for climate change and other factors that create the ill-effects that are occurring in bunches?

But Luis, you still do not understand hombre. The Bible thumpers swear up and down that it is all God’s doing. The Bible tells them so. So they disregard science like the man in the Oval Office disregards the CIA, judges and science.

Should billionaires thank God for their good fortunes even though some of those fortunes may have been acquired by shady means?

And if so, why isn’t God as generous with the poor as he is with the rich? But Luis, the meek will inherit the Earth, hombre. The Bile says so. Okay, but what will be left of the Earth to inherit?

Dang it Luis, you are the doubting Thomas! Have you not heard? The Jesus is coming and he is going to set-up a thousand-year reign, (Hitler’s 1,000 year Reich only lasted about 10 years.) And we will all be happy together wearing togas, tip-toeing through the tulips playing the ukulele like tiny Tim, the 1960s singer.

The following is not meant to make light of anyone’s faith or beliefs. People believe what they believe. This is a free country and more power to you!

I believe Adam and Eve were an invention of the mind of some ancient wiley character, just like the cartoon character Wile E. Coyote whose inventions always backfire on him. I believe the invention of Adam and Eve was meant to make others feel inferior with the “chosen people” thing. Then came Christianity taking the name Christ to invent a religion with it to look down on Judaism even though Jesus was Jewish, but was preaching obedience to God. Just like the American Founders, who in the Declaration appealed to “the Supreme Judge of the world.”

In my opinion, all religious leaders of all religions should tell the people about the history of religion bathed in bloody encounters, chopping off heads, and lives burning at the stake!

Should God be thanked for the bloody mess this world is and has been?

All the praying through the centuries has done nothing to bring forth the principles of Jesus. Christianity says if you cannot forgive, you are a sinner. The Nazis were Christians. In the book, “The Sunflower,” Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal asked if it would be proper for a Jew in a slave-labor camp to forgive a dying SS man begging for absolution.

Absolutely not, said writer Cynthia Ozick.


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