Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years.

I grew up in a patriotic family, loving America, understanding that humanity is never perfect. But I never thought it could come to this. Since time began, we have had like-minded mankind grouping together for personal advantage against real or perceived enemies.

Democrats against Republicans is a normal condition for achieving political control, based upon policies that lift the voters to higher levels of comforts, measured by living standards of good or bad. This creates healthy competition bringing society to pinnacles of greatness as in America.

But when one party controls all the levers of power over the other, with 90 percent plus power of the press, truth and reality is usually exactly what they say it is. They are made members of the club, telling you that you are better off when you are not, making criminals of their innocent opposition with criminal schemes of their own. They make the other side politically incorrect, skunkiest horrible, exactly what they are, holding the levers of public information in drunken power.

That’s where America is today. For four years they told you by criminal shenanigans that Trump and Russia stole the election, while all along Hillary and the Democrats were working with Russians, spending millions to frame Trump. The Mueller probe spent over $40 million, finding nothing, but he’s still guilty.

The FBI has had Hunter Biden’s personal computer since December 2019 with well over a trillion dollars of sleaze from China, Russia, and other troubled nations, being divided by the Biden crime family. For Sale: USA—Call Hunter Biden at 1800-IKnowJoe. But it’s not news. It’s worse, total silence, withholding anything negative against the Biden’s while blaming it on the Russians again. The Democrats, China, Media, Deep State Establishment, are all committed to changing America, going one party permanently left. Our beautiful benevolent nation, founded under God, means absolutely nothing to the mindless secular world, who seek only power, making us all slaves of the state.

They have millions of supporters drinking the Kool Aid, going with the flow, most not knowing where they are going. It’s easy to understand. The loudest voice tells them constantly, only what they want them to think. They don’t respect them, they use them for votes. They are called useful idiots by the power brokers of communism.

The masses know when they are hungry, when they are unemployed, hopeless with little chance of productive labor or can’t send their children to schools of their choice, preparing for even better times ahead in dignity. They understand they are $6,000 better off per family with $1.85 per gallon gas, and 56 percent think they are better off under Trump than Obama. They see the turmoil, the brutality, the lawlessness on the streets, rioting, burning, killing, the attack upon 2 percent imperfect law enforcement, and purchase guns in record numbers for self-preservation against the politically correct lawless. They see 70 percent of coronavirus deaths in liberal states and wonder why, with new therapeutics lowering the death rates below the common flu for the healthy. Some are wondering why they can’t return to work until after the election. They see South Dakota never closing down with few deaths, and wonder why America is not taking into consideration the number of suicides, divorces, the undiscovered cancers and heart attacks rising in the lock downs. They wonder why their children’s education is disrupted at home, losing out on lessons only learnable in school, when so few children have died with attending medical maladies their children don’t have. But the loud speaker of COVID-19 death is blaring the news of record new cases keeping voters terrified, never mentioning the 85 percent reduction in deaths with Trump’s warp speed assisted new therapeutics.

They saw the greatest economy in history, with more jobs than willing workers die on the vine, and some are wondering why we are so terrified of a virus sent to us purposefully from China that kills dominantly the old infirm on the last leg of life’s journey. America is a Christian nation, and we grieve at the early death of every citizen, but some understand it’s not the fault of our politically incorrect president. It’s the fault of the coddled, lying secular left, determined to hope and change America permanently with revised history, creating hatred and discord in a chaotic revolution. They are hoping and changing America into slavery of total government control, killing the goose that laid the golden egg, free market capitalism with unlimited opportunities for the brave. Tuesday will determine your future. We can’t allow them to count votes until they win!

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years.

His opinions are not endorsed by, nor reflect those of the News-Herald.

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