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The way things are turning out, it’s like a surprise gift for President Trump and it comes from his opponents, which is even more surprising. Why would his enemies give him all these wonderful gifts? It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, but supposedly they all say how much they hate him, imagine if they loved him, how many more marvelous gifts they would give him?

What are all these gifts, you may ask? The gifts bestowed are wide ranging, far encompassing and too numerous to mention, but let’s start with their choice of Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden. Why you may ask is Joe Biden a gift to the GOP? Does that even beg the question for a serious response? Just look and listen to him unfiltered, not what the mainstream media selectively chooses to show us. Oh, you may respond but they are professional journalists who always and everywhere tell us the unadulterated truth. If you believe that, then be careful because someone will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Sorry Mrs Casilla :

looting and pillaging, burning buildings and violence run rampant, police being ordered to stand down and criminals having free reign without fear of being arrested, or if arrested then bail being paid by rich elites so they are released to continue their rage and rampage.

Do you in fact believe this nonsense?

Do you hope for this to be true?

"United we stand , divided we fall"

Company 13

I'm pretty sure she believes that. I'm trying to think of any accurate facts on which she bases her opinions.

I wonder what problems she has with bail. Isn't bail considered a good thing? After all, the person arrested isn't a convicted criminal. Bail is the American way.

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