Four-hundred years ago 102 passengers and crew crowded onto the 100-foot Mayflower and left England in September 1620. They faced many unknown dangers and difficulties but 66 days later they landed only to encounter cold and rain

Les saludo con gusto Pueblo, y como siempre pasemos al comentario de hoy: Es importante, que tú conozcas estas verdades divinas para que te enteres de qué manera Dios te ama, y vivas cada día con nuevas esperanzas

Ever since they started going to the moon, I’ve wondered why it was so important since it doesn’t look exactly like “paradise found” there!

Well, it’s all over, but the shouting. Some in jubilation, others in accusations; but nevertheless, the people have voted and picked a new president. Like it or not, it is what it is

Our country is in the situation it is in because the vast majority of us are cowardly, corrupt, compromised with the culture, and complicit with evil mostly by our silence

I was appalled to hear about the Trump Train Wreck that came through Hays County Saturday before Election Day, in which Donald Trump supporters surrounded a Biden campaign bus on I-35, slowing it down and causing a collision with a motorist

Trump attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. They tried to persuade him to join the Club of Globalism. Understanding what it was all about, Trump stuck a finger in their eye

Lots of people have cast negative ballots, said tacky things and made disparaging gestures about the year 2020 in general. The unanimous verdict indicated that, as one West Texan put it, “Ain’t what we signed up for.”

May we as God’s people, know how serious of a situation is before us right now. It requires much prayer. If there was ever a time for we all to be mindful of the things of God, and perhaps spend more time in prayer and even fasting, now surely is a time to do so!

Our brain performs an incredible number of tasks simultaneously, including all our senses and physical movements, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and ability to think, reason, dream and experience emotions

They bought a little piece of property at 6,000 ft elevation and started clearing. They both work so they cannot give full time to the project and when they can save a little money they purchase building materials

Writing this column is going to be great fun, especially as long as Donald Trump is still around. Doesn’t matter whether he’s in charge. His legacy is going to haunt us for a long time to come

Dear Lord Jesus, you are often called the Divine Physician, for you healed every disease and brought great relief to many suffering and needy people when you walked among us

Les saludo con gusto Pueblo, y como siempre pasemos al comentario de hoy: El amor de Dios es para todos, pero hoy quiero decirte a ti que vives dominado por el alcohol, o por alguna debilidad que te ha llevado al adulterio, o por alguna droga que te ha llevado a la adicción ¡Cristo es la solución a tus problemas!

Throughout His-Story there have been many warnings, warnings we haven’t taken serious enough. George Washington warned how fake news-style media would praise the traitors and malign (speak evil of) the real patriots

Let’s take a moment to reflect on this beautiful journey called life. We all can attest to the fact that life can be enjoyable and painful based on circumstances and events that come our way. No one ever told us or promised that we could journey through life without problems, hurts and disappointments

By the time this goes to print, the United States will have elected a president for the next four years, although there is a fairly good chance we won’t know who that person is yet

She left port on April 10, 1912. She was the most luxurious ship ever built and was even gaining the nickname of “The Unsinkable”

I have lived a long life in Del Rio, Texas, and I feel I must speak up today as our world seems to be wavering in the balance of good and evil, and even more so every day. Today may bring God’s final judgment on us and I feel great urgency to discuss this matter with my community TODAY

I was appalled at what I read on Mr. Chapman’s column that was published on Oct. 25. He not only insinuated but persisted that the coronavirus was man-made and that it was released to the world specifically, “to win a dang election”

When my aged Uncle Mort called the other day, I figured he wanted me to hear his election rants. Instead, he told me his TV has been “muted” since political ads took over most channels several weeks ago

One of the most contentious elections — or at least it feels like it — will be reaching conclusion (hopefully) on Tuesday, after months of intense campaigning filled with dubious claims, politically charged rallies and finger pointing, loads and loads of finger pointing

If people didn’t want an entrenched, entitled, establishment elite like Hillary Clinton in 2016 for president, then they most definitely will not want a far deeper and creepier swamp creature like Joe Biden in 2020 that has been in politics for almost half a century

After being persecuted for many years, resulting in their disappearance from the Texas landscape, bears have been making a comeback since 1985

Les saludo con gusto Pueblo, y como siempre pasemos al comentario de hoy: Hablar de la muerte es un tema que pocos quieren tomar, pero la muerte es parte de la vida

The Pilgrims and the Puritans originally founded America in the 1600s. They entered into a covenant with God, based on the covenant that the children of Israel made with Him (outlined in Deuteronomy chapter 28 – O.T.)

As I write this, it feels like winter has hit Del Rio. The temperature outside in the 40s and with the wind, there is an absolute chill in the air

Many are in a serious battle today with their health, finances, relationships, and are being attacked with anxiety, fear, and depression, however there is great news! We have been given the hope of restoration and deliverance in Jesus Christ who is the great physician, is absolute truth, and has total authority over all things!

So it’s come to this.

Folks who know me know that my regular job is to serve as sports editor for the News-Herald, but when I write my column, I don’t often crossover into that part of the world because often times it doesn’t jive with what’s going on in the world around me