Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

You have heard the term, babbling brook? Well, in my opinion, the San Felipe Creek is a babbling brook.

Only it babbles with bacteria as it meanders into the Rio Grande, bacterializing the fish, and people eating the fish.

Yum, yum.

As if the discharge from the communities all along the river on both sides wasn’t enough already, Buzzard has to make its contribution to the poisoning of the Rio Grande.

“Si, mucho” E. coli in the babbling brook.

One recent Buzzard administrator was babbling about defunding some groups and using those funds for a new civic center. But the people protested, and the Buzzard council shut down the idea.

But we are all babblers never understanding each other.

And according to the Bible, it all started in an ancient time when the people back then had too much time on their hands (you know what they say about idle hands? They are the devil’s tool.)

And they got the bright idea to build a tower so high they could climb it and get to heaven to see God.

According to the Bible, God cannot stand to look at sin.

That’s us, sinners by the babbling brook.

But evidently God was watching the busy little insignificant humans trying to achieve something impossible that he didn’t give them the power to do.

And I imagine as he was watching stupidity at work, God was humming the song, “The Impossible Dream,” and he let the tower builders enjoy themselves for a while.

And then, SHAZAM!

The builders started to speak in different tongues and could not understand each other anymore, and so they gave up their big tower project and dispersed.

Probably the anti-social hermits who lived in a cave and wrote some of the Genesis books, were one of the tower building dispersed groups.

A bunch of tower erecting weirdos, if you ask me.

And here we are today, after the alleged “great” flood, descended from the anti-social Noah, and his alleged ark.

A bunch of babblers, babbling all over the place as Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

See what God has created?

Today’s hermits are in the White House cave led by an evil hermit like the world has never seen, and he operates like a mafia boss whose allies are Yipyap Erdogan of Turkey, and the Russian Mafia of New York led by Vlad the Impaler Putin of Russia.

The above have a powerful conveyance named Fox News that allows them to say the most barefaced lies about the Democrats.

Just recently one of them, Donald Trump Jr., wrote a book which hit the New York Times best seller list!

And it’s no wonder, author Trump Jr. got a little help from his friends at the Republican National Committee to the tune of $100,000 worth of Junior’s books. Wow!

Maybe Representative Mr. Will Hurd will want to help Junior too, and buy a dozen of his books.

Mr. Hurd was doing so well in the Trump’s abuse of power hearings, I thought.

But in the last hearing, Mr. Hurd let it all go for naught, saying he didn’t see any evidence that the Trump call with Zelensky of Ukraine contained anything inappropriate.

Mr. Hurd could have been asleep through all the hearings, and didn’t wake up until the last one, but that should have been enough testimony to make it clear to Mr. Hurd and to the world that Mr. Trump is corrupt, and has made of the White House, a robber’s roost with Rudy Giuliani as Butch Cassidy.

The last two witnesses, Fiona Hill and David Holmes, testified as to what they heard Mr. Trump himself say on the phone call with Zelensky.

Hill and Holmes are credible witnesses, and their testimony jibes with the others, such as witnesses Ambassador Yovanovitch and Lt. Col. Vindman.

Fiona Hill warned the Republicans to: “Not promote politically driven falsehoods that so clearly advance Russian interests.”

Other reports have pointed to Russian influence in Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Luis Rosas is a local columnist whose contribution appears in the Del Rio News-Herald every Tuesday.

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