Andrea Acosta

City of Del Rio Mayor Pro Tem Liz Elizalde Calderon and Andrea Acosta’s family, consisting of her only sister, four children, six grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and three daughter-in-laws, celebrate Acosta’s birthday and proclamation declaring Feb. 4 as “Andrea Acosta Day.”

Long time Del Rioan Andrea Acosta, a resident of the Val Verde Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, celebrated her 100th birthday on Feb. 4 with family, friends and nursing home residents, while city officials issued a proclamation declaring “Andrea Acosta Day.”

The celebration was held Tuesday afternoon, with Acosta’s relatives and fellow residents clapping for the occasion. She was also treated to a musical performance by Casa de la Cultura’s Executive Director Lupita De La Paz.

De La Paz wished Acosta a happy birthday and serenaded four songs to the birthday girl.

Acosta was born on Feb. 4, 1920 in Eagle Pass, Texas. Acosta’s span of 100 years includes experiencing the Great Depression, World War ll, Korean War, Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement and the war on terrorism, Mayor Pro Tem Liz Elizalde Calderon said.

Acosta married Isaac Acosta in 1940 and remained married for 50 years. Acosta’s legacy includes her children, Ramiro, Arturo, Miguel and Roberto; six grandchildren, Dela, Ramiro Jr., Arturo Jr., Roberto Jr., 13 great-grandchildren, and three daughter-in-laws, Guadalupe, Tina and Estela; who still care for her.

Acosta’s one sister, Angelita, was also present for the occasion.

Prior to her marriage, Acosta was employed as a migrant worker and later worked for the Levi’s Jean Factory in Del Rio for 25 years.

“Andrea has always loved arts and crafts and still crochets and does lace work,” Calderon said.

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