Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

Trump fights, she wrote. Don’t be silly. Trump was talked into bombing the Iranian General Soleimani by his war hawks like Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Esper who were looking to make Trump the president who is doing much better than Obama at killing killer Iranian generals like Soleimani, who allegedly had his finger on the button ready to blow up several sites in Iraq where Americans are concentrated.

But they offered no evidence to back up their claims in the private briefing to Congress. And they did not impress Republican senators like Mike Lee of Utah who came out of the briefing real hot under the collar to slam Trump’s officials saying, the briefing was the worst he has ever seen, absolutely insane.

And I say the Trump administration is an insane administration.

Trump said he was pressured by the Republican senators to order the killing of Soleimani.

I call that a lie, because the Republicans in Congress in three years have not put any pressure on Trump, and they never will. And Trump will never blame his praetorian guard in his crazy administration. Trump says he will not go to war with Iran, but he will drop sanctions on them like the world has never seen.

Sanctions on Iran are like sanctions on North Korea, it’s their citizens, in particular the poor that suffer. The governments keep on doing their dirty work and getting fat. Trump likes to say that administrations before him were dumb spending all that money to defend other countries while other countries are not putting their fair share in the pot. I think Trump is an isolationist who fails to see the idea of why previous administrations chose to stay out there in the world with the American military setting up bases in other countries. The idea is to be there to fight any would-be foes over there and not on our own streets.

But Trump wants a fortress America with barbarians at the gate.

Only he has a problem, his Secretary of State Pompeo and his Secretary of Defense Esper say the U.S. military will stay in Iraq, even when the Iraqi parliament has asked them to leave.

Iraq, I believe is the only country to ask our great military to leave its premises. And Trump is the first backwards president this country has ever had.

Trump’s DOJ on Trump’s order has been investigating Hillary Clinton for months, and has just concluded, and they found nothing, zilch, nada to charge her with. How do you like those results, you Hillary hater you?

That was a Trump sanctioned investigation, maybe now he will get Hillary off his brain.

Trump says the Democrats are to blame for Soleimani operating so freely in Iraq. And I say that is hogwash. But he has been on the job for three years, why did he not do something about it, until “he got pressured” from Pompeo, and Esper?

Trump says Soleimani was getting ready to attack, not one as he had claimed before, but four embassies in Iraq.

But his Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said there was no evidence of an Iranian attack on any embassy in Iraq, before Trump dropped a bomb on Soleimani’s head.

You know, when I see a side photo of Trump, I see a Pinocchio nose.

Trump says there ought to be a complete dismissal of a Senate impeachment trial, and adds “that it’s un-American.” Which is rare, but not un-American. Was Bill Clinton’s impeachment un-American? It was not, according to Republicans.

And Republican Senator Susan Collins says she is working with a group of Senate Republicans hoping to allow witnesses other than those, and along with those who have already testified in the House. Trump says he will not permit former Security Advisor John Bolton to testify in the impeachment trial “for the sake of the country.” He means for the sake of his butt. But Bolton says he will testify if subpoenaed. Well, good luck with that one because Trump’s loyal whose wife is Trump’s Secretary of Transportation, Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, will not call Bolton to testify what could be incriminating evidence against Trump.

Which has Trump sweating like a hog at tamale time. And in particular since the brave Nancy Pelosi just said she could subpoena Bolton.

The Trump administration is a bunch of grave diggers busily at work covering up their dead bodies with their boss of the bone yard Trump directing the cover-up. But 66 percent of the public want the whole thing dug up and don’t spare the shovels (witnesses).

Power, wealth, his family, and his son-in-law’s family is what the Trump administration is all about. Not the country.

Luis Rosas is a guest columnist and his column appears in the News-Herald every Tuesday. The News-Herald does not endorse the opinion of guest columnists. The opinions expressed in this commentary are the columnist’s own.

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