Dimensions in Blue

Dimensions in Blue, the United States Air Force Band of the West premiere jazz ensemble, will feature a free performance for the public on Friday, at the Paul Poag Theatre. Tickets are limited and are available online at paulpoagevents.com

An Air Force jazz ensemble will be performing this week in Del Rio, in a free-of-charge concert open to the public.

“Dimensions in Blue,” the United States Air Force Band of the West premiere jazz ensemble, will perform in Del Rio as part of their 2020 tour lineup. The ensemble will perform at the Paul Poag Theatre on Friday.

The performance was announced last week, during the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting. Del Rioans are advised to pick up a ticket through the Paul Poag Theatre’s website.

Tickets will only count towards seat availability; thus citizens will not be charged for the purchase. Tickets are limited and only four may be purchased by one person at a time.

All tickets for the performance can be obtained through paulpoagevents.com.

This is the first time the jazz ensemble will perform in Del Rio and will feature 14 musicians performing for the audience.

Since the ensemble’s inception, Dimensions in Blue has kept the 1940s Glenn Miller Army Air Corps sound at the center of its musical focus, according to the band’s webpage.

The ensemble has incorporated a more contemporary sound as its musical heritage and reputation continued to grow.

Del Rioans can look forward to the ensemble performing in vintage “Pinks and Greens,” a nickname for uniforms during World War ll, and modern “Blues,” a term for contemporary uniforms in today’s Air Force, according to the band’s webpage.

The performance is a prelude to the upcoming 2020 Fiesta of Flight, in which Laughlin Air Force Base will open the gates to the public for the air show.

The air show will be the first performance for the Thunderbirds’ season and will include other airplanes.

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