People flee their oppressive regimes, to be liberated from dictators and tyrants; only to set up their own oppressive regimes where they become the dictators and tyrants.

Why was Hollywood making movies in Georgia and not in California, where all the stars and their orbiting constellation of creative moviemakers congregate?

It’s because California has stifling taxes and outrageous regulations that moviemakers wouldn’t be able to make movies and make a profit.

Yet, when they left California and went to Georgia, they didn’t leave behind their leftists’ ideas which promulgated outrageous taxes and stifling regulations. They don’t get it!

In other words: they not only want their free cake gladly given to them because they think they’re so deserving of getting free things.

They insist that the rest of us must buy the ingredients to make their cake.

They demand of us that we lovingly bake it with a smile.

They command us to put it on a silver platter.

They order us to spoon feed it to them with a silver spoon; we must obligingly wipe their dirty little mouths while they enjoy each scrumptious morsel.

They don’t even leave a piece of cake for us to nibble on, because we are just to stand there and fawningly watch them eat to their little heart’s content; we should be thankful that we had the honor to serve them.

They stipulate what their terms are and we must bow down and obey, or they threaten to take their big, expensive toys and play in another playground with a better suited type of people who will truly appreciate them because they have so graciously come to play with us so called little people.

They claim the moral high ground when they don’t even realize that the majority of their movies are decadent and depraved.

They think they’re so superior they call the rest of us inferior because we dare disagree with them.

Georgia passed the “heartbeat bill” and Hollywood’s elite are left with pie in their face, spiraling out of control!

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