Robert Leija

Robert Leija begins spraying details onto the monarch wings he is creating for a new mural on West Greenwood Street. The mural will be designed for Del Rioans to pose and take pictures with it.

A former Del Rioan is creating a new spray paint mural on West Greenwood Street, in collaboration with Casa de la Cultura.

Robert Leija, the artist behind the “Amor y Paz” mural, came down from San Antonio and is designing a new image for the wall on West Greenwood Street.

“It’s a perfect time to make a new mural,” Leija said.

Leija began Wednesday, by covering the old mural with white paint. He started painting on Thursday around 10 a.m.

The entire wall will feature three sets of wings, a pair of monarch wings in the middle, fairy-esque wings on one side and robot wings on the other, he said.

The mural is designed for people to pose and take pictures in front of the wings. The fairy-esque and robot wings will be designed for children, Leija said.

Initially, Leija wanted to change the mural a few years prior, but due to extenuating circumstances he could not come down.

Leija wants to showcase that art and beauty can be created with spray paint.

Leija said it was a perfect time to create a new mural, due to the revitalization of downtown Del Rio and the ongoing support for the arts.

His art uses bold colors as a way to draw the viewer’s eye and captivate their attention.

The new mural is a part of the Wing series, Casa de la Cultura Executive Director Lupita de la Paz said.

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