Jesse Romero

Radio evangelist and Catholic author Jesse Romero came to Del Rio to visit with members of all three Catholic churches in town.

Can a person be as quiet as a mouse when not told to do so. On Tuesday afternoon the Del Rio community proved this by listening to a guest speaker.

Catholic author, radio host and evangelist Jesse Romero spoke at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church on Tuesday night as a guest speaker for the Lenten Parish Mission.

Romero’s speeches, titled “El Poder de la Oración” and “Cómo Llegar al Cielo,” focused on the power of prayer and how to get to heaven.

Cars were lined up in front, across the street, and around the church. The church was packed and very few left after mass finished.

Mass began at 6 p.m. with Romero presenting his speeches at 6:45 p.m. Priests Carlos Oscar Velasquez Lazaro and Martin Alonso Bustos Gonzalez joked about Romero’s plane arriving in the wrong city, thus making the guest late, but agreed Romero’s presence was a welcome sight to the church.

The audience applauded his arrival, as Romero was acknowledged for his effort to come down despite the severe weather warnings on Tuesday.

During the time of Romero’s speeches, people also lined up on the side to do their confessions with the priests. Due to Tuesday’s brief nice weather in the afternoon, confession was held outside.

Romero thanked the people in attendance and began his speech with energy. He even used a water bottle as an example for the audience to better understand his message.

Romero spoke of his former career as a Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff and how he found his true calling within that career. “I fell in love with Jesus when I was taking people to jail and because I was a sheriff,” Romero said.

Much of the audience was focused on his speech while there were the occasional few who chose to record it. Although the topics Romero spoke of were basic, he iterated the importance of fully understanding these concepts and delved deeper into explanation.

Romero spoke Wednesday night at Sacred Heart Church and presented the same program in English. Today he will wrap up his attendance in Del Rio at St. Joseph’s Church and present “The 3 Enemies of the Soul” in English and Spanish.

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