Samantha Claudette Lopez

Samantha Claudette Lopez, a Del Rio High School sophomore, will be attending a medical-focused Envision forum in the summer.

A Del Rioan will be joining outstanding high school students from across the nation in the summer, to take part in a unique academic and career oriented development experience, the National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine at Rice University in Houston.

Samantha Claudette Lopez, a 16-year-old sophomore at Del Rio High School, will be attending the forum, which is one of the Envision family of programs ( enabling students to explore their interests and experience learning beyond the classroom.

With dreams of building a career in the medical field, Lopez is looking forward to gaining the hands-on medical experience the forum provides.

She is the grand-daughter of Samuel and Diana Lopez and the late Héctor Cruz and Rosalia Cruz. Her involvement in the community and volunteerism has earned her the distinguished Presidential Volunteer Gold Medal award in 2018-19.

Lopez is also the former Jr Miss Texas United America and former Jr Miss United America. She is a senior level Girl Scout. She has received three congressional recognitions.

Lopez is a lieutenant for the Queen City Belles, organization that will be representing Texas in the 2020 U.S. National Memorial Day parade in Washington, D.C. This honor has been bestowed to only one group from Texas.

She is also the current American G.I. Forum Queen.

Lopez is the daughter of Samuel and Claudia Lopez.

“As an alumna of Envision myself, I am excited for Samantha Claudette Lopez to meet, work, and collaborate with other high-aspiring students from across the country and the globe,” Envision Senior Vice President Amanda Freitag said.

“Hands down, my favorite part of attending an Envision program was being with motivated students in an environment designed to help us challenge our assumptions, meet new people, and grow.

“Creating that same learning environment is a central focus for all of our programs. At National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine students build the confidence and skills needed to excel at college and in the workplace. They learn how to adapt to and communicate in new situations, to new challenges, and with new people, which, given how rapidly the world is changing due to technology and innovation, are essential skills for success,” she said.

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