Luis Rosas

Luis Rosas

Our man in the Oval Office, who sees nothing wrong with racist groups flying the Stars and Bars and still fighting the Civil War, was asked on Feb. 22 about the would-be killer Coast Guard lieutenant, who according to prosecutors had an arsenal at home he was going to use to kill Democrats in congress and TV anchors on MSNBC, if he felt any responsibilities for fruitcakes like that, given the language you use to describe the media?

Trump answered no, and added, “I use very nice language.” Right. And that includes referring to the media as “the enemy of the people,” and to Hillary as “crooked Hillary” setting them up as targets for fruitcakes like the loony Coast Guard lieutenant.

And White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders as usual trying to put a halo on her boss says: to paraphrase, “the president does nothing but condemn violence.”

Sure, and the violence against reporters in his rallies, what does he call that?

And former Republican governor of New Jersey Chris Christie, in his new book refers to White House occupants with an unflattering slew of names, which I will simply sum up as a bunch of goofballs.

And I guess that includes President Trump and Sarah Sanders. Wouldn’t you say?

On Feb. 28 Kim Jung Un has again rejected Trump. No nuclear deal. And now comes Trump’s bosom buddy Roger Stone, who stupidly targeted a federal judge who had Stone come in to face her again and gagged his butt after he apologized. But she did not accept his apology because he was not credible.

While out on bond, before going back to court to be gagged, he had been mouthing off about special investigator Mueller and a conspiracy against his partner in conspiracy theories Trump, the fake news president.

Stone called for civil war. See how stupid Mr. Stone is? But there are others like him calling for civil war such as Rush Limbaugh and conservative bloggers wanting to kill Democrats if their dictator Trump is impeached.

When the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton, you did not hear a single Democrat infuriated calling for civil war.

Conservatives say nothing against big government when their Republicans are in charge and playing Santa Claus to the rich. If that’s not socialism, it is for sure communism.

Conservatives went bananas when Franklin D. Roosevelt signed social security in to law, and even more rabid when Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare into law. But you take those away now, and Republican politicians will end up in the wilderness for 40 years shoveling camel dung.

The elderly from all walks of life have a real need for those two programs. And we paid for those while still working, and now pay a monthly premium. That’s not socialism. Socialism is the Russians and Chinese systems. And conservative columnist Michael Gerson, who worked in the Dubya Bush, administration wrote: “It is the tragedy of America that a story of freedom, self-government, religious liberty, entrepreneurship and inclusion is also a story of forced migration, stolen labor, routine rape, and murder, lynching, vote stealing, racist piety, segregation, redlining and mass incarceration.”

And I say it is the story of two Americas. The one is about those who have always worked against the Founders, and the other is about those who have always taken America kicking and screaming back to the Constitution.

And Gerson further writes: “America’s great advantage is that a powerful and subversive idea – that all are created equal was built in our founding.”

I repeat, the Founders did better than God. But like God, they have not been fully honored, and probably never will.

Very recently a newspaper editor in Alabama wrote inviting the KKK to ride again.

That editor, like Trump, is an example of the negative side of the story of America, has been promptly replaced by a black woman. And that is the story of the positive side of America.

And Kathleen Parker (conservative columnist) wrote: “A great leader inspires the angels of our better selves rather than the demons of our basest instincts.

Obviously Trump chose the latter.

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