City Secretary Mari Acosta election night

Del Rio City Secretary Mari Acosta explains that two of the three city council races remain undecided after votes were counted in the races Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. In one of the races, none of the three candidates emerged as the clear winner, and in the second, a margin of only two votes separated the candidates.

Two of the three election contests for seats on the Del Rio City Council remained undecided after the unofficial vote totals were announced early Wednesday morning.

In the three-way race for Councilperson At-Large, Place A, none of the three candidates emerged as the clear winner.

Diana Bejarano Salgado, who currently holds the seat, had the most votes, with an unofficial total of 3,676. Former Del Rio police officer Steven T. Webb had the second-highest vote total, with 3,100 votes, and federal security officer Mario Bosquez came in third, with a total of 2,641 votes, according to tallies released Wednesday by Val Verde County Clerk Generosa “Janie” Gracia-Ramon.

After reading the unofficial vote totals and reminding everyone that hundreds of votes still remained to be counted, Ramon asked City Secretary Mari Acosta to speak about the city council races.

“Until we have the official results, we may have a runoff in the At-Large, Place A, race,” Acosta said.

She also noted the race for councilperson, District III, is too close to call, with only two votes separating the two candidates for the seat.

In that race, business owner Alexandra Falcon Calderon had eked out two more votes than her opponent, Silvia M. Ojeda. Calderon ended the night with 1,214 votes, and Ojeda had 1,212 votes.

“Once we have the confirmed numbers, we will go ahead and communicate whether we will have a runoff (in the At-Large, Place A race) or not,” Acosta said, adding she believed a runoff was “more than likely.”

“None of the candidates in that race received more than 50 percent of the total votes, and in District III, the race is very close,” Acosta said.

In the At-Large, Place A race, Salgado had 39.04 percent of the votes, Webb had 32.92 percent and Bosquez had 28.05 percent.

Only one of the three races, for Councilperson At-Large, Place B, between sheriff’s deputy Josue Vela and builder J.P. Sanchez, had a clear victor.

In the At-Large, Place B race, Sanchez had a total of 5,683 votes to Vela’s total of 3,453 votes. In that race, the votes cast for Sanchez represented 62.20 percent of the ballots cast, with the votes cast for Vela representing 37.80 percent of the ballots cast in the race.