A meeting to discuss and support the San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District bond election will be held on Oct. 28. Local business owner Eddie Amezcua Jr. encourages citizens to attend and be well informed before participating in early voting.

The meeting is scheduled to take place at 6:30 p.m. at Skillet’s restaurant. The restaurant’s side room will be used for the meeting, according to Amezcua.

The objective of the meeting is to help citizens be informed and feel strong going forward with their decision.

The bond election, if approved, will grant $19 million for the school district to build a new elementary campus to the north of Del Rio. A new elementary campus will help classroom sizes and traffic issues currently taking place in the north side of Del Rio, according to Amezcua.

“Del Rio is Del Rio first and foremost, but the census is majority of people are building houses to the north of Del Rio,” Amezcua said.

The approval of the bond will allow the school to receive state funds to build the new campus. “More money will be spent without state help,” Amezcua said.

The creation of a new elementary school will create more jobs and help boost the economy and the community, according to Amezcua.

Early voting begins on Oct. 21 and voters will be having the option to approve or reject the school bond election, along with 10 proposed Texas constitutional amendments.

If citizens have questions prior to the upcoming meeting, they can reach out to Amezcua and other school bond committee members through the Facebook page, PAC Bond for Prop A.

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