City of Del Rio

Mayor Bruno “Ralphy” Lozano recently told members of the Del Rio Economic Development Corporation his next big project will be marketing Del Rio as “the crossroads of North America.”

Lozano made his comments during the Del Rio Economic Development Corporation board meeting on Oct. 15.

Following an update to the Del Rio Economic Development Corporation on the just-completed Ports-To-Plains Corridor Feasibility Study, Lozano spoke to the corporation board about other projects on the horizon.

“This is one of the biggest things I’ve been working on and talking about to stakeholders. From Coahuila, for example, I have their undersecretary of economic development, Mr. Jorge Ramon, who has just recently moved back to the city of Del Rio. He served directly under the governor’s office for marketing and strategic economic development (in Coahuila), and ... what we’re trying to look at is marketing the city of Del Rio, along with Ciudad Acuña,” Lozano told the board.

“I’m looking at rebranding and restructuring our marketing and our outlook. I watched some of the videos (Ramon) had that were archived from 2007, and it’s definitely time to look into what new services are provided here in the city and what kind of industrial growth we’ve had since then. I definitely want to pitch that right now and have you think about these ideas as we regroup and remarket our area,” the mayor added.

He said he would like to see Ciudad Acuña included in any future marketing plans, as he called the city “a powerhouse in the region.”

Lozano also recounted an experience he had while making a presentation on the Ports-To-Plains Corridor to a stakeholder group in North Dakota last year.

“In Williston, N.D., when we did our presentation, Mayor De los Santos of Ciudad Acuña and I walked in, and heads were turning, like who are these guys? They don’t look like us; where are they from? And then when we presented, they were completely floored,” the mayor said.

He said a North Dakota state senator still calls him to discuss ideas about the two ports, Del Rio on the Texas-Mexico border and Williston, in range of the North Dakota-Canada border.

“You have both these ports working in tandem on this proposed corridor. Imagine if we had that joint marketing out there to attract industry from the Netherlands, from Germany, from Japan, from Brazil. We have that potential right now, because if the governor of Coahuila invests in infrastructure opportunities for (their) interstate system, the sky’s the limit for our community,” Lozano said.

He added Eagle Pass must be included in the plans and marketing efforts as well.

“Marketing is the next big project I’m going to be pitching to you guys,” he told the Del Rio Economic Development Corporation board.