Gene Chapman

Gene Chapman

The left doesn’t think it’s a crime for Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, to receive $83,000 monthly (Peter Schweitzer) for being on Ukraine oil company Burisma Holdings Board of Directors with his only qualification being VP Joe Biden’s son.

They didn’t see anything wrong with this same son being thrown out of the Navy Reserve for cocaine addiction, going to China with daddy on Air Force II, and a few days later receiving $1.5 Billion for his hedge fund from Communist China.

It had to be legal because John Kerry’s stepson, and Boston mobster Whitey Bulger’s nephew were fellow participants.

The media claims loudly no laws were broken. Legally speaking only?

But Trump must be impeached because he agreed to help the new president of Ukraine fulfill his campaign promise to drain the Ukraine swamp, just as Trump is working to do in America.

They agreed to cooperate with each other, using our new still infected Justice Department, doing its dead level best to remove Trump, still spying on him as he works against deep state corruption, getting rich selling government influence.

Should he win a second term, he plans to permanently remove the stench of the Obama-Hillary years of legal corruption, and replace them with patriots.

The MS media and Democrats are joined together at the hip going nuts, lying, creating false Trump conspiracies, all to avoid the soon coming flagrant criminality of the Obama/Hillary years.

I have difficulty understanding how any nation could be for outright blatant, legal graft for liberals, while desperately determined to permanently remove – impeach Trump without so much as a jay walking crime to his credit, but a hurricane of gorilla dust propaganda in the wind.

Trump is donating his full salary each month to a government agency judged most in need, with Democrats watching his worldwide hotel properties to find any government associated agency spending a thin dime there, claiming it a violation of the emoluments clause.

So if you are a government agency and can save tax payers a million bucks at a cheaper Trump hotel, forget about it!

They hate Trump so deep state crazy that planes can’t land in Ireland to refuel with cheaper fuel saving tax payers money, because it is associated with a Trump luxury hotel.

This hatred is downright despicably silly, stupid, costing America a brighter future.

Just remember, not a single Democrat voted to lower Trump’s tax reductions in the thousands with a 26 percent increase in refunds this year for the 50 percent bottom brackets who actually pay zero in real taxes, receiving a significant raise. Trump policies helping little people?

That can’t be true. Only democrats love little people. It keeps them voting Democrat?

We have a Democrat Congress that so for is refusing to vote on the revamped NAFTA deal called USMCA which Mexico and Canada have happily approved.

It would create billions, perhaps near a trillion in new wealth coming home to America, but it would help Trump, so it just can’t be done.

Too many at the bottom with opportunities in the dignity and pride of individual efforts, no longer dependent upon the free stuff largess of government is the greatest fear of the left.

A population no longer needing free stuff in subjugation, but walking in dignity raising their own gardens of plenty, dreaming of attaining ever higher positions of wealth and independence in freedom, forsaking the cruel bondage of government dependency!

The left knows that freedom and opportunities is the end of their dreams to keep them poor, dependent upon an ever growing government as they vote for a living in the chains of oppression in hopelessness, with them in dictatorial charge.

That’s the reason Democrats, at any cost, must destroy this man who has no need or desire for a deep state bribe such as Biden’s troubled kid and weak people do, taking the seductive easy road to wealth, just as the Clintons have forever done.

So long, as the media teams up with Democrats, circling the wagons around any and all leftist wrongdoing, the truth is in a marathon with 10-pound weights on each leg.

But truth is a powerful nuclear weapon, seeping by osmosis through the manmade dams of propagandistic lies to flow as the mighty Mississippi, spreading renewal in the commerce of dignity and pride.

The hunters will become the hunted, and a second term will rid the swamp of the slime, returning to the law-abiding patriotic rule of our past greatness.

Gene Chapman grew up on a farm in Arkansas but has lived on the Texas border for many years. He is a former chairman of the Val Verde County Republican Party.

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Well written and couldn't agree more.

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