A bicycle freestyle team performed Monday, encouraging literacy, good attendance and safety among local students. The BMX Freestyle Team held a presentation at Garfield Elementary and Dr. Fermin Calderon Elementary.

Team owner Robert Castillo and teammates Ruben Castillo and Victor Salazar demonstrated a variety of tricks for the students to view.

As Salazar and Ruben performed a variety of tricks, Robert reminded the students it was important to wear proper safety gear when riding a bicycle. It didn’t matter if a person saw themselves as cute, or how good their bike skills were, it was important to wear a helmet, according to Robert.

“Ride smart, ride safe … it’s better than being in the hospital and looking like a human Q-tip,” Robert said. Both Ruben and Robert returned to Del Rio, their hometown, and are performing in a business they both created.

“We (Ruben and Robert) grew up in this town … practicing hard for years,” Robert said.

Robert also reminded the students, similar to the team perfecting their tricks, they should perfect their studies.

“Education, that’s is something nobody can take away from and you can’t lose. Education is the most important thing you can do,” Robert said.

Midway through the presentation, Robert asked the adults for a suitable volunteer. Garfield Elementary Assistant Principal Tiffany Perez volunteered and was placed on top of the ramp.

Salazar jumped over Perez, with the students shouting in excitement at the result.

The bikes are specifically engineered to do either tricks on the ground or on the ramp, according to Robert.

“It takes a lot of education to pull these things, to be lightweight and real strong,” Robert said.

Robert reminded the students that it was thanks to their efforts throughout the school year and attendance the performance was made possible. The performance was also made possible with the help of the schools’ administration, Del Rio High School teacher Linda Corbell and FCCLA, Robert said.

“The moral of the story: don’t let anybody tell you you can’t do this or you can’t do that. Believe in yourself no matter what anybody tells you. If you want something bad enough, you have to work for it,” Robert said.

The presentations were made possible through funds raised by FCCLA, FCCLA sponsor and Del Rio High School teacher Linda Corbell said.

“We raise funds for projects that promote education, literacy and attendance and to promote safety,” Corbell said.

FCCLA is a Family and Consumer Science program part of the Career and Technical Education Department, under the direction of Career and Technical Education Director Roger Gonzales.

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