Camille Gonzales, Adam Rivera and Dominic Morales, members of Team 4063, also known as the “Bunnies” or TrikZr4KidZ, begin composing one aspect of the robot the team will use for the 2020 season.

The local robotics team is hopping toward production for the 2020 competition season, and looking for the best possibilities with their robot.

Team 4063, also known as the “Bunnies” and TrikZr4KidZ, immediately went to work on their robot after For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, also known as FIRST, revealed the 2020 game and field on Saturday, Jan. 4.

“We try to predict what is needed and what the other teams are going to do,” Team 4063 Head Coach Lauren Cardenas said.

Every team is different and the Bunnies are grateful they have the support of the community and the school district, motivationally and financially, Cardenas said.

There are certain constraints the team must follow and figure out what they are capable of doing with the resources they have at hand, according to Cardenas.

“It’s great to brainstorm … but we also have to figure out how we can work with what we have,” Cardenas said.

The manual for this year’s game is dozens and dozens of pages, and the team has to go through each one of them to fully understand the game, Cardenas said.

“Every year, we always immediately go to the manual, break it down a little bit and almost instantly go to an idea as to how we want to build the robot; even though the coaches tell us not to do that,” Team 4063 Scouting Captain Ruben Flores said.

This may be the first year the team, as a whole, has come into an agreement on how they want to build the robot, according to Flores.

“When I first saw the game, I thought it was different from the previous years … this year you have to go in levels,” Team 4063 Safety Captain Clarissa Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez explained an alliance, consisting of three teams with three robots on the field, must score a certain number of power cells, or balls, before moving onto the next level of the game.

Robotics Coach Lauren Cardenas, Scouting Captain Ruben Flores and Safety Captain Clarissa Gonzalez agreed the climbing portion of the game is usually the hardest part to figure out.

Toward the end of each game, the alliances must race their robots to the middle of the field and have them hang off a swinging bar. An alliance is rewarded points when a robot hangs off the bar, and rewarded extra points if the bar is equally balanced.

“Every year the climb is a little different. This year we have to hang off a bar that swings from left to right,” Flores said.

The Bunnies have been pretty effective with their robots in the past, according to Robotics Coach Lauren Cardenas. This year, the team has high stakes on the table as they kick off the season with their first competition in Del Rio.

Last year, team 4063 took third place at the first robotics competition in Del Rio. The team also received the Volunteer of the Year, Excellence in Engineering and Safety awards.

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